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The Weekly Dish May 27 edition

June 1, 2011 - Trisha Smith
Catch last week's live broadcast here, and check out updated info on some star-studded events in June.

Another fun and informative morning with my groovy sidekick Shawn Michael and I on THE WEEKLY DISH.

We relayed some pertinent community news, along with a variety of cool haps going on across the isle. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW)1260 candidate Brian Ahakuelo called in for a live, airport runway interview to highlight his visit to Maui, and efforts to restore the local unions vigor and amend contentious contract agreement workers "agreed" upon this year with Hawaiian Electric. (Read more on this subject at

Don't miss Basketball Maui's a "Night of Shooting Stars" benefit this Saturday, June 4, at War Memorial Gym starting at 6 p.m. Pro NBA and international players showcase skills, but first experience some fired-up kids fresh out of "Summer Jam" camp that plan to "skool" the team of local sporty politicians and community members, as well as a grab bag of entertainment personalities from Maui who pretty much all excel at every other sport besides basketball. Should be funny and embarrassing... (I'm participating, but still wondering if they were serious... Haha... My past time is decorated with fond volleyball/softball/snowboard memories and accomplishments, but HORSE in the driveway with my family is about the extent of this b-baller... Haha)


Paul Janes-Brown filled us in on the arts & theatre world in his "Let's Talk More... " segment and our "Maui Music Notes" section welcomed the multi-faceted Maui talent, Louis Kukaua (aka Kanoa of Gomega, Owaila, Rabbitt and The Propers, Ekolu, etc... dang, this man is a music machine!)

Kanoa is one of The Weekly Dish's favorite guest artists, and he is always a pleasure to experience no matter where his beat dexterity lands him. It's just a double bonus that he happens to be an incredible person as well, with endless humor and love to share. His dedication to friends and family, his variant gigs across the isles, and the respect he shows other musicians along with the vivacious spirit he carries for all things music, makes him a fine example to all artists here. Throw in the mad skillz of Ryan Rego, Michael Burke and Frankie Ah Puck, and you got yourself a fierce recipe for sonic success with the recent Re-Evolution of Gomega. Catch the fire this Saturday, June 4, @ Three's Surf Lounge in Kïhei. Speaking of Katchafire--hahaha--we accidentally played a track off the New Zealand group's latest release while attempting to jam out some "tunage" from Maui's fearless foursome ARISE. (Reminder: Writing down system track numbers neatly is essential... haha) Luckily, Mr. Groovy and I are in-tune with the island's rock and reggae scene, and quickly recovered once we realized. Our crafty engineer Garry saved the day and cranked some Arise! Yahoo! Live radio. Gotta love it.

Lawaia, Chad, Michael and Jasn of ARISE had the "esteemed" opportunity to play the Maui 'Celebrity' Series with Mainland mainstream hot shots of Citizen Cope, which ended up was just a sappy/stoned/self-absorbed guy in ratty mountain boy clothes and boots. The "star" needed his manager to come out on stage more than once during this bland singer/songwriter showcase, and took his pretty time to make a vibrant audience wait 10 minutes for a lackluster encore. Besides having a bad taste in mouth after drama over contracts and such was created by Mr. Cope & company, the grossly over-priced tickets and his strange stage attitude made me regret my decision to journey to the West Side that night. I actually used to respect his songwriting, and now I will turn the dial. What a mess... that show was anything but "awe"-some as press releases professed about CC post-show. The only awesome thing that happened last Saturday there-besides the rad time I had with my good buddy Pistol Peter (duex)-was seeing the vibrant brothas of Arise deliver a mean set following the "Celebrity" performance. Too bad they couldn't have started right away, or more people from the "intimate set" would have experienced Arise's respectable closing romp. And kudos to the boys for keeping their cool among star power and taking advantage of the closing slot. They are better humans and musicians than that...

(And what's up with Maui Theater and its "no dancing" on that rockin' stage??? Can't we have a lil fun here?? Why do they place the bands so far back anyhow? Too tempting not to boogie. Jasn of Arise took full advantage and bounced his boombastic bass all about. I bet Dave Wakeling of the English Beat didn't return there this year after their Maui debut last year because of this unnecessary crowd control... )

Anyways, enough venting! I am not trying to be harsh or judgmental, I just know the Maui music scene and have experienced real stars before that don't need to act like that or treat our isle's welcoming attitude with such selfishness.)

Check out some sweet links to the left, including Arise's bumping version of Citizen Quack's "Son's Gonna Rise." It rules...

Thanks for listening every Friday morning to the THE WEEKLY DISH from 7 to 8 a.m. on KAOI 1110AM & 96.7FM. Keep it real, do something for your community this weekend and have a good time. Live Aloha. Word.

Trish :-)


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DO NOT miss late-night this Saturday, June 4, @ Three's Surf Lounge in Kïhei. Maui musical wonder Kanoa and the seasoned talents of Gomega rocked a Re-Evolution last weekend at Charley's and Stellas during their live recording of over 20 original tracks and more. (Thanks Ola Shaw for pristine sound!)


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