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Lawmakers must listen to Hawai‘i citizens

July 23, 2014 What was the price to the taxpayers for the special session of our legislators regarding same sex marriage? It was $76,800; could that money have been put to better use? The governor shouldn’t be... more »»

Take Time to Understand Scientific Facts About Pesticides

July 17, 2014 With all the anti-agriculture rhetoric in the local community, there needs to be greater emphasis placed on understanding facts and basic scientific processes. more »»

Don’t ‘Superferry” GMOs

July 10, 2014 Listen up citizens of Maui County: We, along with our fellows throughout Hawai‘i, sat idly by and allowed a few environmentalists and self-appointed arbiters of the public good to run the Superferry... more »»

Science and Fact: Not Hearsay

July 10, 2014 I work for one of the best companies in Hawai‘i and the world—Monsanto. I am deeply concerned about some of the false propaganda that has been put out there by certain groups. more »»

To All Animal Owners in Maui County

June 30, 2014 1. Animal means any fowl, reptile or mammal. 2. All animals must have access to a barn, doghouse or suitable shelter to protect it from wind, rain and sun, with a dry place to rest. 3. more »»

American Cancer Society Recommends a Plant-Based Diet

June 24, 2014 A just-released Harvard study of 88,000 women confirms what prior research has already shown: Eating red meat increases breast cancer risk. more »»

Americans are Collateral Damage to a Failed Foreign Policy

June 24, 2014 Heroin has made a comeback since our troops have been in Afghanistan. more »»

Unity is Key to World Peace

June 24, 2014 The solution to a lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians and between all Arab nations, especially the division between Shiite and Sunni Muslims, is not a political one. more »»

False Claims About Monsanto Continue

June 10, 2014 It is unfortunate that recent letters continue to make egregious and false claims about Monsanto Hawai‘i. more »»

Biotechnology Combats Worldwide Famine

June 10, 2014 I work for Monsanto and I’m extremely proud of the work I do. I support all kinds of agriculture, including both biotechnology and alternatives such as organic farming. more »»

MHS CEO is a Thankless Job

June 10, 2014 I wish the new director of the Maui Humane Society well; it is a thankless job. more »»

Vegan Diet Fights Cancer

June 10, 2014 In his daily online nutrition column, Dr. Michael Greger researches popular diet and health advice and provides his expert opinion. In several recent publications, D. more »»

Housing Crisis Requires Multipronged Strategy

May 29, 2014 The Maui County Council’s Policy & Intergovernmental Committee met recently to hear testimony on charter amendment revision recommendations. I testified representing GO Maui Inc. more »»

Shocked at Mayor’s Refusal to Sign SHAKA Petition

May 22, 2014 Since March, I have gone into the community to petition for the citizens’ right to place an initiative directly on the ballot in November. more »»

Monsanto Supports Agriculture Around the World

May 22, 2014 It is springtime on the Mainland and the whole Northern Hemisphere. Springtime is planting season for farmers and is a very busy time of year. more »»

Our Islands Should be Pristine, not Frankensteined

May 22, 2014 I do not agree with Kurt Adams’ opinion about Monsanto making the world a better place. more »»

Monsanto taking action to meet farmers’ increasing needs

May 8, 2014 Monsanto is one of the leading genetically modified (GM) seed companies in the world. more »»

Questions remain regarding Na Wai Eha settlement

May 1, 2014 I am pleased that the state Department on Water Resource Management has made adjustments to an earlier settlement, providing for a larger volume of stream restoration to Na Wai Eha than was... more »»

Proposed tax increases are out of line

May 1, 2014 Hawai‘i has long been known as the state with the highest cost of living in America, but with the highest quality of life because of our moderate climate and friendly residents. more »»

State could lose much-need federal road project funding

May 1, 2014 Over the years, when the Kihei Community Association (KCA) is advocating for some transportation improvement in South Maui, such as the North-South Collector Road or complete street projects, we are... more »»

Maui County Animal Coalition Selflessly Continues

April 24, 2014 Now in their third year, on the second Tuesday of each month, the Maui County Animal Coalition (MCAC) assembles to discuss and plan ways to better the treatment of the county’s critters. more »»


Public Skating July 29, 2014

Public Skating: Wednesdays 6–8 p.m., Fridays, Saturdays 6–9 p.m. Hockey: Mondays 6–7:30 p.m. Youth pick up hockey, ages 8–12 years old. 7:30–9:30 p.m. Adult Beginner/Intermediate pickup hockey (youth 12–18 welcome). more »

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  1. Yes, I would like an outlet mall and additional stores to chose from in South Maui.
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The Dish from Trish

"The Weekly Dish" April 4, 2014

April 4, 2014 Happy Friday! Miss this morning's live broadcast of "The Weekly Dish" radio show on KAOI 1110Am/96.7FM? No worries. You can listen now at the links section below or here: http://www. more »

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