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Summer Solstice

June 23, 2011 The star that we’re orbiting is visible in our sky longer now than at any other point in our yearly journey around it. more »»


March 31, 2011 Did you join me in a celebration powered by the light of the star we’re orbiting—and by the spinning of the planet that we’re riding on? We just passed through a pivotal point in our relationship... more »»

The Secret to Walking on Ceilings

January 6, 2011 Pssst! You! You are a passenger on a planet—a blue-green planet that’s orbiting a golden star. more »»

Planet Venus and Five-Petal Flowers

August 19, 2010 Imagine yourself in the space above our little blue-green planet looking down—way, way down—on her icy North Pole. more »»

Pie in the Sky

June 24, 2010 You and I are traveling through a part of our yearly orbit where we see the Big Dipper high in our northern sky—as high as it ever gets. more »»

Earth’s Conspiracy Theory

April 22, 2010 Pssst! You! Yeah, you—the passengers on the blue-green planet orbiting a golden star. more »»

The Shape We’re In

March 11, 2010 The mind massage that you’re about to receive will bend your brain to bring it into alignment with the curved space through which you—and all of us on this planet—are orbitin. more »»

Evolution of the Gnomon

January 7, 2010 If our planet was not spinning, we wouldn’t have days. If she was not orbiting, we wouldn’t have years. more »»

Inner Space

October 22, 2009 Are you feeling any different now that our nights are longer than our days? Are you a different person at night than you are during the day? I am! I have a sunny side and a shady side, ... more »»

Cosmic King

September 17, 2009 The planet that you live on is now nicely positioned in its orbit for you to enjoy a magnificent sight: the king planet Jupiter. more »»

The Carnivorous Cosmos

August 27, 2009 The star that we’re orbiting is on a journey of its own. It’s transporting its family of planets—including the one we live on—around the core of the Milky Way Galaxy. more »»

A Matter of Perspective

July 14, 2009 Forty years ago, the first astronaut walked on the moon. Forty years ago, the first photo of our planet was taken from space. more »»

Moonshine & Earthshine

May 28, 2009

Have you ever looked at the slender crescent moon and wondered why the night side of it isn’t completely dark? The answer is zanily simple: In the same way that the moon lights up our... more »»


Radio Show- Talk Story with Hospice Maui October 21, 2014

Tune in to KAOI 96.7 FM / 1110 AM every Tuesday at 7:05 a.m. for the “Tuesday Morning Talk Story with Hospice Maui”. Join us weekly for engaging conversations, with members of our Caring Community, on topics relating to caring for the seriously ill and supporting their families on Maui. more »

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