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Hippie’s Dream

October 6, 2011 In the newest installment of “Make Love, Not War,” the U.S. military has ordered a billion dollars worth of solar panel installations. more »»

The Ideal Investment

January 6, 2011 It used to be common knowledge that solar is too expensive for the normal household and only the domain of space scientists and tree-huggers. Well, the ’70s are long gone. more »»

A New Day

November 25, 2010 Clean energy has progressed from a 1970’s fringe issue to the most widely identified goal of the recent election. more »»

Vote for the Clean Energy Dream Team

October 28, 2010 There is a frightening abyss between the people and government. I never experienced it more than in the last few days. more »»

Vote for Clean Energy

October 21, 2010 It is a great time to develop clean energy projects on Maui. There is a broad public consensus that we need to get away from oil and most candidates have clean energy as part of their platform. more »»

Lessons from Solar Germany

October 7, 2010 When I recently returned to my fatherland for an extended visit, I was on a mission to discover what technologies and policies Germany had developed that could guide Maui’s path to clean energy. more »»

The Copenhagen Fools

January 7, 2010 It was cold in Copenhagen during the United Nations Climate Change Conference last month. more »»

Life Savings

December 31, 2009 The latest numbers from climate researchers outline a clear message. more »»

Sugar is Sweet

November 5, 2009 “Those who act too late will be punished by history. more »»

The Hydrogen Option

October 22, 2009 Thanks to the feed-in tariff (FIT) described last week, Hawai‘i will see more wind and solar energy technology installed in the next years. more »»

A Good FIT for Hawai‘i

October 15, 2009 The doors are opening to a clean energy future in Hawai‘i. On Sept. more »»

The NegaWatt Plant

October 8, 2009 Maui visitor Amory Lovins, America’s energy guru since the 1970s, coined the term “NegaWatt” to describe the energy earned from not using it. more »»

The Belly of the Beast

October 1, 2009 Most days we don’t think much about our energy sources. We fill our cars and drive; we flip a switch and the lights come on. more »»

A Plan for Maui

September 24, 2009 The Maui County Energy Alliance (MCEA) put together a team of 93 experts to draft a vision and concrete action steps to achieve Maui County Mayor Charmaine Tavares’ great goal of a 95 percent... more »»

Maui County Energy Expo

September 3, 2009 The clean energy event of the year happens next week, Thursday and Friday, Sept. 10 and 11, at the Grand Waile. more »»

Here and Now

August 27, 2009 Unfortunately, it turns out that global warming is real. Glaciers are melting, Antarctica and Greenland’s ice shelves are shrinking and the North Pole will be ice-free in just a few years. more »»

Cheap Enlightenment

August 20, 2009 Compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs) have come of age within the last two years. They look good, save electricity, last longer than standard light bulbs and pay for themselves in two months. more »»

Voluntary Recession

August 6, 2009 Although we are experiencing a recession and the world economy is seemingly headed for disaster, one hope remains. That hope is the clean energy economy. more »»

What Can You Do?

July 30, 2009 Kihei Energy Consultant Willy Bennett calls his photovoltaic (PV) system the best savings account he ever had. A PV system is a set of blue or black panels that make electricity. His system is 2. more »»

The 100 Percent Solution

July 23, 2009 Can we switch Maui completely away from oil, considering that wind and sun energies are variable and not always available? Like almost no other place on the planet, we are in the fortunate situation... more »»



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