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Solar Battery Maintainers Can Keep Your Stored Car Charged

February 27, 2014 If you store your car outside for months at a time, you can buy a solar battery maintainer to keep your battery charged and ready to use when you need it. more »»

Welcome Home… to a Dead Battery

February 20, 2014 We get a lot of calls from people arriving on Maui only to find a dead battery in their car. This is actually normal in most cases, if the vehicle sat for more than a few month. more »»

Whales and Oil Don’t Mix

February 13, 2014 Oil leaks leave a mess under your hood, ruining engine parts and smell bad. They leave puddles on the road and in the driveway. more »»

What’s That Noise?

February 6, 2014 Most brake systems have a wear sensor designed to make a high-pitched squeal when the brakes are due for replacement. You may hear it when driving or braking. more »»

Lighten Up Your Key Chain

January 30, 2014 A heavy key chain can wear out the tumblers inside the ignition, leading to ignition switch failure. Use a lightweight key chain with a separation feature and drive with the ignition key only. more »»

Timing Belt Estimates

January 23, 2014 When you call for an estimate for a timing belt estimate, make sure you’re getting the whole story. more »»

Overheating Brakes

January 16, 2014 Overheated brakes can warp brake rotors causing a pulsating brake pedal, bad smells and squealing. This can ruin even new brakes quickly. We see this a lot after people come down Haleakala. more »»

Brake Failure

January 9, 2014 You’re sitting at a stoplight and notice the brake pedal slowly sinking. It might even go to the floor. You pump it again and it seems OK. The brake feels normal when stopping. more »»

Transmission Dipsticks

January 2, 2014 We see some vehicles that come in without dipsticks for checking transmission fluid. Bad idea. It leaves the impression that it doesn’t need to be checked. more »»

Burnt Smells

December 19, 2013 Do you notice a burning oil smell after you drive? It’s usually caused by engine oil leaking onto the exhaust system. The most common cause is leaking valve cover gaskets, but it could be many things. more »»

Get It In Writing!

December 12, 2013 An important factor to consider when choosing an auto repair shop is its warranty on parts and labor. You will find warranty coverage anywhere from 90 days to a year or more. more »»

Get It In Writing

December 5, 2013 An important factor to consider when choosing an auto repair shop is its warranty on parts and labor. You will find warranty coverage anywhere from 90 days to a year or more. more »»

If Your Engine is Overheating, Stop!

November 28, 2013 Another car towed in today. Another blown head gasket. Another $2,000 to $2,500.00 repair. And all so unnecessary. If your engine is overheating, stop! Don’t think you can make it to your destination. more »»

Turn Signals

November 21, 2013 Did you ever notice that one of your turn signals is blinking really fast? That usually means one bulb burned out and the other one is working. more »»

Self-diagnostics? Not so fast...

November 14, 2013 We get a lot of customers who see how easy it looks on the Internet to diagnose a car’s computer controls. more »»

My Husband Can Fix It…

November 7, 2013 One of my favorite sayings is, “We can repair what your husband tried to fix.” If you can fix your own car, we encourage you to do it. But be careful. It’s often not as easy as it looks. more »»


October 31, 2013 Clutch problems may start gradually and you may not even notice. more »»

Belt Noise

October 24, 2013 That high-pitched squealing noise we often hear from an engine is usually a loose belt. Often it happens when you start the engine; then it goes away. more »»


October 17, 2013 Modern vehicles have evolved a lot in the last 30 years. They are more reliable, safer and easier to drive. Gas mileage has gone from 10 mpg to 50 on many cars. Maintenance needs have changed, too. more »»

Dead Battery?

October 10, 2013 When you find your car has a dead battery, there could be several reason. more »»



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