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Avoid Extreme Steering Wheel Positions

September 13, 2012 When turning your steering wheel, don’t hold it in an extreme right or left position for more than a few seconds. Doing so can damage the power steering pump. more »»

Communicate with Your Mechanic

August 16, 2012 Communication is key in getting what you want from your auto repair shop. more »»

Transmission Fluid

August 9, 2012 Transmission fluid is just as important as engine oil. A transmission can cost as much as an engine to repair or replace, so you want to be sure it keeps workin. more »»

Timing Belts

August 2, 2012 Engine timing belt replacement at the recommended mileage is critical and often overlooked. On some cars, it can cost thousands in major engine repairs if the timing belt breaks. more »»

Air Conditioning & Humidity

July 19, 2012 Air conditioning is more than just a cold blast of air. It also removes the moisture from the air in your car. more »»

The Rules on Used Electronics

July 5, 2012 We never recommend used electronic parts--ever. We diagnosed a bad control module on a customer’s car. It’s expensive for a new one. more »»

Misdiagnosed Problems

June 21, 2012 At least three times this week, I have had people come to the shop with new batteries, complaining that their car still won’t start--all misdiagnosed electrical problems. more »»

Timing Belt Additions

June 14, 2012 Timing belt replacement should include more than just the belt itself. You also need to replace any components that are driven by the belt, including idler pulleys, tensioners and water pumps. more »»

Air Bag Warning

June 7, 2012 Airbag systems have a warning light. It may simply say “airbag” or it could be a picture of an airbag. It’s another one of those easy-to-ignore things, because it doesn’t affect our daily driving. more »»

ABS and Air Bag Warnings

May 31, 2012 A lot of vehicles come in to the shop with ABS (antilock brakes) or air bag dash warning lights on. When these lights are on, it means those systems are not working. more »»

ABS Systems

May 24, 2012 Most modern vehicles come with antilock brakes (ABS). This system is designed to work in a panic or hard-stop situation. more »»

Brake Master Cylinder Failure

May 17, 2012 You’re sitting at a stoplight and notice the brake pedal slowly sinking. It might even go to the floor. You pump it again and it seems OK. The brake feels normal when stopping. more »»

Tune Ups

April 26, 2012 How much is a tune-up? That question is impossible to answer, because there are so many different vehicles and each one is unique. It also depends on the condition of your car. more »»

Auto Repair Misconceptions

April 19, 2012 There are a lot of misconceptions about auto repair. When something goes wrong, some people try to diagnose the problem by looking on Google. This can be misleading. more »»

How to Increase Your Mileage

April 12, 2012 Gas prices hurt all of us. To get the best mileage, make sure your car is running well and the check engine light is off. Check tire pressure regularly, but never over-inflate them. more »»

Kihei Automotive Auto Tip of the Week

April 5, 2012 Our most common customer misconception is that when the check engine light comes on, we simply hook up the little thingy and it tells us what’s wrong. Not true. more »»

Auto Tip of the Week: Air Conditioning & Humidity

March 29, 2012 If your vehicle has a manual transmission, you should pay attention to how well the clutch is working. A simple misadjustment can ruin a clutch or transmission in no time and cost big bucks. more »»

Be Careful When Shopping for Estimates

March 22, 2012 When phone shopping for estimates on auto repair, be careful. Don’t assume the cheaper quote is the better deal. Find out exactly what it includes. Many “good deals” can turn into nightmares. more »»

Auto Tip of the Week: Air Conditioning & Humidity

March 15, 2012 Air conditioning is more than just a cold blast of air. It also removes the moisture from the air in your car. more »»

What’s That Noise?

March 1, 2012 Most brake systems have a wear sensor designed to make a high-pitched squeal when the brakes are due for replacement. You may hear it when driving or braking. more »»



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