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Where Friends and Family Meet

August 23, 2012 If you’re one of those people who always thought that “Manoli” was an Italian name, you may be surprised--but not disappointed--when you find out the facts about Manoli’s Pizza Company in Wailea. more »»

In-Flight Freebies

August 14, 2012 If you happen to know any airline owners who want to increase the number of customers and make lots of money for their company, I have two great ideas for you to pass along. Idea No. more »»

In Search of a Big ‘P’

August 9, 2012 No one would argue that Maui is as close to paradise as we can get. However, for it to be paradise with a capital “P,” there should certainly be easier and better access to restrooms here. more »»

Me Llamo Charles

August 2, 2012 My name is Charles Laquidara and I am an addict. I am hooked on Faceboo. more »»

A Northeasterner’s Epiphany

July 26, 2012 People often say “My hometown isn’t the same anymore. more »»

The Future is ‘Clear’

July 19, 2012 I’ve always been against athletes taking steroids, and I think most people agree with me. But now I’m starting to wonder if this mindset isn’t going to change sometime in the near future. more »»

High-Tech Times

July 5, 2012 Because of computer technology, progress that normally took centuries to evolve is now increasing exponentially. more »»

Beautiful People

June 28, 2012 I love beautiful people. A huge proportion of people (at least here in America) are very beautiful. more »»

Rules of the Road

June 21, 2012 One of the riddles that Maui residents love to joke about is the fact that you get “a ticket if you don’t click it,” but if you pile a bunch of dogs, your grandma and four kids in the back of a... more »»

Bye Bye, American Pie

June 14, 2012 The radical Supreme Court Decision of Jan. 21, 2010, which gave corporations the same rights as human beings, has changed America forever. more »»

Procrastination VS Just Do It

June 7, 2012 Almost half the year has gone by now since we created our annual New Year’s resolutions. more »»

Down in Front!

May 31, 2012 Two, three or even a group of inconsiderate blankety blanks (insert “preferred nomenclature” here) will invariably stand up and start dancing (cheering, drinking, talking) at a rock concert, a comed... more »»

The Sound Old People Make Sometimes

May 24, 2012 As people get older, one of the negatives is the fact that they find themselves literally “grunting” when they stoop down to pick up something--or often, when they are attempting to do almost any... more »»

The Esteem Ladder

May 17, 2012 I don’t know if anyone else ever thinks about this, but for some unknown reason, I started wondering... more »»

Why People Read Your Facebook Posts

May 10, 2012 36% Family: MUST click “like” 01% Care about your politics 04% Think you’re really funny 02% Want to sleep with you 05% Owe you money 08% Love your dog posts 08% Love your cat photos 33% Have... more »»

Don’t Hold Your Breath

April 26, 2012 One of Hawai‘i’s best-kept secrets descended upon us again recently. It’s called ”vog.” You probably don’t know much about vog if you’re a tourist or a new resident, but trust me, it’s real. more »»

Don’t be a Rolling Roadblock

April 12, 2012 Most Maui residents would agree that five of the most common problems on our island (which may never be resolved) are: 1) cane burning; 2) lack of convenient bathroom access in many stores and... more »»

Lead Us Not Into Condemnation

March 29, 2012 Whether it’s Tiki Barber, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tori Spelling or the couple down the street, there seems to be a lot of “sleeping around” going on in supposedly conservative America and (from what ... more »»

Kayak Talkin': Predawn Reflections

March 15, 2012 I woke up at 4:30 a.m. a few nights ago and decided to go for a walk along Keawakapu Beach. Predawn, as it turns out, is a great time to walk on Maui. The ocean is always different. more »»

Zen and the Art of Driving on Maui

March 6, 2012 Even though he’s on your butt with those huge black monster tires, and his vehicle is six feet higher than your car and so close you know he’s going to ram you any second (especially if you put on... more »»



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