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Slow Down on Kihei Road

July 18, 2013 Yesterday, someone gave me a copy of a letter that had recently been sent to the Maui Police Department. more »»

Profits Over People

July 11, 2013 Our representative in Congress, Colleen Hanabusa, recently broke from her liberal base--which isn’t always a bad thing--but this time it was to support H.. more »»

In Their Eyes

July 4, 2013 Last Sunday afternoon, I went to see “World War Z,” the new Brad Pitt film everyone’s been talking about. more »»

Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

June 13, 2013 The global warming debate has gone on for so long that when most people hear the phrase, their brains immediately go into “Do Not Disturb” mode. more »»

Moderating Meanness

June 6, 2013 One of my best Texas friends who is politically to the right of Attila the Hun recently told me that he no longer wants to be called a Republican. more »»

Smoke Got in Her Eyes

May 30, 2013 A friend of mine on Facebook just sent me the following private message. more »»

When I Rule the World

May 23, 2013 When I am appointed King of the World: 1. more »»

The Eyes Have It

May 16, 2013 I love meat. more »»

Whatever Will Be Will Be

May 9, 2013 I woke up with a headache today. I think it’s because I spent an hour-and-a-half last night arguing with someone about sane gun regulatin. more »»

Accurate Assassins

May 2, 2013 What is the deadliest predator in the entire creature kingdom? No, it is not man. Because, we’re talking “stalking accuracy” here--not who kills the most things. more »»

Banana Mortality

April 25, 2013 Here’s a tip for guys and gals living alone and trying to figure out the kitchen thing: Bananas have a three-day window. They are either too green or too ripe. more »»

Incredible Ko

April 18, 2013 Heading south toward the “hotel-row” section of Wailea this weekend, I decided to try out a restaurant my friends have been talking about, called Ko--and what a sweet decision it was! I’ve lived... more »»

Warm and Cool at the Same Time

April 11, 2013 Here’s my pick for coolest line from a movie this past year: “Everything will be all right in the end, and if it’s not all right--then it is not the end. more »»

Panic on the Pi‘ilani

April 4, 2013 Anyone who has ever driven on the Pi‘ilani Highway going south toward Wailea knows that whoever put up the sign less than 80 yards or so before Kilohana Drive was either high on pakalolo or severely... more »»

Share the Road and the Aloha

March 28, 2013 The signs on Maui highways may be hazardous to our health. more »»

Passing Reflections

March 21, 2013 The church mass had gone brilliantly. more »»

Three Little Whines

March 7, 2013 Our beautiful Valley Isle of Maui may just be the closest we’ll ever get to paradise on Earth. more »»

Are you getting older?

February 28, 2013 How do you know when you are getting older? Here are four things to consider when answering that question. . more »»

Ban Smoking On Beaches

February 21, 2013 Pollution is just one of many negative by-products of smokin. more »»

Blowing Smoke

February 14, 2013 Despite the proven medical statistics offering incontrovertible proof that second-hand cigarette smoke is a hazard to everyone who is exposed to it, whenever a law attempting to protect the public... more »»



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