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Make GMO decisions based on credible and substantial scientific data

Studies have been done on the safety, benefits, risks and regulations of GMOs.

July 23, 2014

I am writing in response to the anonymous commentary to the Maui Weekly (July 10 issue) titled “Why We don’t Trust Monsanto....

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Jul-24-14 2:37 PM

Certified Organic food should be tested and subjected to the same standards as GMO; as they are both a farming method. Let's be clear organically certified is a voluntary farm method a producer decides on based on his farm plan. For that he is awarded a price premium. Certified Organic does not equal pesticide free, All food and ag crops are produced using pesticides and this includes organic! Food Safety and Certified Organic are farm processes that allows for additional labeling and marketing; it is not factual science it has become a marketing tool.

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Jul-24-14 2:34 PM

This is the way science works it is how it self corrects to make sure evidence-based studies are published and flawed studies get sent back to the drawing board. The scientific method is so accurately explained in Sally Irwin's article. This is my favorite bit out of the article: "The data should be evaluated for its credibility by verifying that it has been 'Peer Reviewed.' Peer review is a built-in check and balance system in science that allows for the close scrutiny and testing of data by other experts in the field. The second guideline is to check that the information comes from known 'experts' in the field being investigated. It is a rare individual who may be considered an expert in more than one or two areas of science that are not closely related. "

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Jul-24-14 2:26 PM

Thousands of "supposed" studies are quoted around GMO"s yet the majority of facts being sold by the anti GMO movement are in reality reports or cherry picked data compiled to creat a report titled a study. The Peer Review process is critical for science and safety, it can be repeated and duplicated by a complete stranger given the same parameters. The fear perception is based on bad or junk science which is not proven or peer reviewed. Lets take tyrone Hayes he touts his earth shaking revelation on atrazine and Syngenta yet REFUSES to give the government or any accredited scientific body his data. 2 separate labs governed by the EPA on 2 continents tried to duplicate his findings, they couldn't nor did their tests reveal anything like he claims. Syngenta had no control over this work, yet they paid the multi million dollar tab. The facility in Germany who was part of this subscribed to the precautionary principle, guess what it still could not substantiate the claims th

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Jul-24-14 2:26 PM

No food has ever undergone a long term human feeding trial. It is impossible to design a scientifically valid study because foods (unlike drugs)are composed of thousands of chemicals, and it is impossible to control each one. Also, it would be unethical to conduct a human study and ask subjects to control food intake over a long period. Animal feeding and compositional studies are accepted proxies. Should GM products be tested for safety to the same degree organic foods are tested?

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Jul-24-14 2:06 PM

Love this quote, True words. "Because in the end, science offers us the only way out of politics. And if we allow science to become politicized, then we are lost. We will enter the Internet version of the dark ages, an era of shifting fears and wild prejudices, transmitted to people who don't know any better.

The science is proven genetically modified crops are one of the most studied and regulated areas we have. Food and crops have been improving their varieties since the dawn of time. The fear is being fed by fallacies; the truth exists if one listens to the experts in their respective fields. Great article btw.

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Jul-24-14 10:23 AM

If you read my article then you would understand that the research being done to test the safety of GMO products that you should trust is NOT done by those who profit from either ANTI GMO or PRO GMO. Peer reviewed science done by non-profits like Universities and reviewed by large scientific entities like The National Academy of Science, WHO etc. is where the bulk of this research can be found. There is nothing on the market that went through less than 8 years of testing before release.

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Jul-24-14 10:18 AM

I was misquoted by Maui Weekly in what I stated was the most important point I was trying to make which was this:'

The first and most important point I would like to make to the writer of that commentary is that you should not look for UNBIASED research-based information on any topic, from sources that stand to profit.... Maui Weekly misquoted me and said BIASED research....

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Jul-24-14 10:09 AM

Monsanto and Syngenta are trying to control and manipulate the food industry with genetic engineered corn, soybean, canola and others by doing some very irresponsible science to get profitable as soon as possible. To get the GMO products on the market quickly they got away with performing only 3 months of animal studies when good science would dictate 3 to 7 generations of animal studies. And worst of all, Monsanto did NOT perform any human studies or trials with these genetically mutated products and that's what scares me. If you look at three human generations out, or about 20 to 60 years, we could find ourselves with negligible or seriously declining birth/fertility rates, since GMO products are currently in just about everything. No, it's selfish greed along with irresponsible science that could very well do us all in. Hopefully, something can be done and soon before the effects become irreversible.

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