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Waldorf Education

A rich curriculum for children and adults.

October 22, 2009
Cindy Schumacher

Dr. Steiner was a well-published scientific, literary and philosophical scholar. His background in history and civilizations coupled with his work in the field of spiritual scientific investigation brought Waldorf Education to the world. His teachings imply that the human being is fundamentally a spiritual being and Waldorf Education strives to develop in each child and adult their innate talents and abilities.

“It is a deeply insightful application of learning based on the study of humanity with developing consciousness of self and the supporting world,” said Keith.

“Up in Kula, Haleakalā Waldorf School has been serving the children of Maui for nearly 38 years,” said Waldorf teacher Virginia Fish. “Its rich curriculum surveys the entire spectrum of human civilization, and its teaching methods honor the developmental stages of the child.”

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Keith McCrary is a veteran Waldorf Education teacher and longtime student of Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy and work.

Philosophy 102 focuses on an aspect Steiner’s philosophy. “This course focuses on one of Steiner’s books, How to Know Higher Worlds, which delves deeply into Steiner’s insights regarding spiritual development for people in modern times,” said Keith. Woven into this class is an exploration of personal biographies, especially in relation to consciousness. “In part, we shall inquire into the role of destiny in our own special journey in life,” said Keith.

In Philosophy 103, the book Theosophy is the focus of the course. Its subtitle gives an indication of its content: An introduction to the Spiritual Processes in Human Life and in the Cosmos. “Major topics in the seminar include the nature of the human being, reincarnation, karma, the worlds of soul and spirit and the path to know all of the above,” said Keith.

Pedagogy 102-103 covers the development of children from birth to age 18 and how the Waldorf approach responds to the natural unfolding needs of these ages. A requirement for Waldorf teachers, this class is of value to parents as well. The resource book used in this class is A.C. Harwood’s The Recovery of Man in Childhood.

Sheri Reiner teaches Artistry 101a on the Waldorf School campus. This unique class is an introduction to watercolor painting—a delightful adventure into the world of fluid color. “The hands-on course will explore certain aspects that Waldorf students are introduced to,” said Reiner. “It is a class that will nourish your feeling life in a very positive way and give you a sense of accomplishment,” she said.

Artistry 102a and102b introduce and build on the fluid movement of Eurythmy, an art form that fully engages the physical body. The 102b class works on more advanced choreography and helps prepare students for performance. The classes are taught by Michael Hughes and Sheri Reiner, who describe this form of dance as “ensouled movement.”

“Eurythmy was created by Rudolf Steiner and his wife, Marie, during a time in his life when he was putting into artistic expression much of the wisdom he had written and lectured about for many years,” said Hughes.

“It has the potential of expanding one’s consciousness that speaks to the heart as well as to the head,” added Reiner.

“We hope those in the community who are interested in Steiner’s work, philosophy, and teachings will join us for these gifts of knowledge and wisdom,” said Keith.



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