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Aloha in Action

The movers and shakers of Maui.

December 10, 2009
Debra Lordan · Editor/General Manager

It’s an honor to share stories about Maui’s incredible people each year, so we came up with a plan to recognize those who make contributions to our island community each and every week.

A while back, it was suggested that we create a column that focuses on the good things about Maui—the good stuff people do for each other, for the community and the environment. Just maybe we could help balance out the bone-chilling world, national and local news.

But as a practical matter, the Maui Weekly can’t send a fleet of writers and photographers out into every corner of the island to report the good deeds that might occur at any given moment at any given location. That’s where you come in.

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Debra Lordan

Editor/General Manager

In your daily travels, you probably meet dozens of people a day who exhibit the qualities we are seeking to highlight: people who contribute behind the scenes, who working tirelessly, without recognition, making a positive impact on our community. They are people who follow the Golden Rule and whose love of others manifests in their daily actions. They have a high regard for everyone, give to those in need (expecting nothing in return) and share what they have. With kindness, they do whatever they are able—and then some.

This person could be a friend, a neighbor or a family member. This person could be the perfect stranger who you see picking up trash on the side of the road during their morning walk. Could be the clerk at your local market, who always provides service with a smile.

They don’t have to have just donated $10,000 to a local charity—but they could have. They move us and shake us with the smallest act of kindness, not the least of which impacts our daily lives.

What we are seeking is a visual and written snapshot of “Aloha in Action.”

We want to feature a photo and caption or even a small story about these people every week. So what we need from you collaborative citizen journalists and photographers out there are photos and stories about these people.

Don’t worry about writing—we are here to help.

What is important is that they are recognized. Setting a good example with acts of kindness and benevolence can change people’s hearts.

We can’t let the black cloud of crime and corruption dim the light of kindness that shines from those who do good. And really, wouldn’t it be nice to hear some good news about good people doing good things for each other and for our island?

Consider yourself a Maui Weekly reporter. Send a photo, a few sentences or give us a call. Email your submissions to Type “Aloha in Action” in the subject line.

Help spread the good news about Maui.



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