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We Deserve Better Representation

When did your elected officials decide that we don’t know what’s in our best interest?

December 17, 2009
Commentary contributed by Gene T. Mooney · Via email

When is it that they decided that we the people don’t know what’s in their best interests? What is popular is what the majority of us voters want to happen. What part of that do they not understand? Do they think that we, the people, want them to do something that they would consider wrong, or even morally bankrupt? If that’s what they think, then it may be that these are not the people we want representing us.

I personally vote for the candidates that I feel are going to represent me and my interests fairly and to the best of their ability. I think they should be, at the very least, as passionate about my beliefs as I am. When did we as a people become so disconnected that we decided that they can run this country however they see fit? The politicians work for us, and I, for one, feel that it is about time that they realized it.

If this country is not being run the way that you and I think it should be, we only have ourselves to blame. It starts at the voting polls, people. We need to demand more from our representatives. We deserve better representation.

If your lawyer didn’t represent your interests in a courtroom, he or she wouldn’t be your lawyer for very long, right? We should expect nothing less from our representatives.

If you can’t find the right candidate, find the right people and convince them that they should run for office. If that should fail, it may be that you are the right person for the job. We don’t have to take what’s offered. We are free to hire from our own ranks. With a venue as small as the Hawaiian Islands, it is easy to spread the word. And with the class of people we have at available, we should have no problem finding more suitable representation.

I sincerely hope all who read this take to heart this message and the spirit that it is given in. We are the people and we deserve better representation.



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