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You Are What You Eat

Let’s halt a barbaric process that produces elitist foods.

February 4, 2010
Commentary contributed by Mike Moran · Kīhei

If “we are what we eat,” one who consumes foie gras, which is available at one of six Maui restaurants, is a fatty liver. Foie gras is “produced” by force-feeding geese and ducks with a metal tube jammed down their throat several times per day to induce the liver to swell up to 10 times it’s normal size. Some people choose to eat it!

Production of this slop is outlawed in numerous countries, and there are only two factories on the U.S. Mainland—the one in California will stop next year due state’s enlightened legislation.

Presently, State Senate Bill SB 2170 will prohibit the sale of this disgusting animal product statewide.

By eliminating the market, we can halt this barbaric process of needlessly torturing animals in order to produce elitist foods.

World-renowned chef Wolfgang Puck stopped using this product years ago for this reason, but some on Maui will not.



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