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Making Criminals out of Pot Smokers is Counterproductive

If you don’t like the law, can you really change it?

April 19, 2010
Lloyd Buell · Kula

“LOL.” We, the citizens, have been trying to change this law for at least 50 years and yet the police and selected officials are still making too much money from it to ever allow us, the people, to do that.

I especially laughed out loud reading the imported fear monger from L.A., Bixler, implying that his “squads have seen a sustainable increase in crime rates—nearly 200 percent—and worsening since the dispensaries started popping up.” “Theoretically, these places are just storefront marijuana dealers,” he said.

I don’t have time to examine the logic—or lack of it—here, but I will say that I have witnessed more sociological damage done to otherwise harmless young and older people from individuals like Bixler and his ilk than I have ever witnessed from the thousands of joints that have been smoked in spite of the misguided public fear-mongers and punishment-oriented public servants who receive a paycheck from us.

It seems the police and the legislators are living in a fear-oriented delusion of “parental superiority” that they obviously don’t deserve.



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