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Taking a Stand on the Right Side of History

May 6, 2010
Michael Ra Bouchard, Ph.D. · Aloha Marital Health & Happiness, Hilo

This new law will correct a long-standing injustice that excludes a segment of society, through no fault of their own, from enjoying the same rights, responsibilities and privileges as everyone else. It is difficult to understand how anyone of sound moral conscience can be threatened or offended by this long-overdue correction.

Pay no attention to those blinded by fear and ignorance who predict this new law will dilute or destroy the values most of us cherish. Equal rights for everyone shall neither weaken nor contribute to the downfall of our community. On the contrary, a just society extends protection and privileges equally to all its majority and minority members regardless of gender, race, creed, or sexual orientation, thereby upholding and strengthening the very principles upon which this democracy was founded.

Justice for all requires that our governor exercise legislative power responsibly, and act on behalf of the minority members of our society by calling an end to the institutionalized oppression imposed on them by the majority. Let’s hope she recognizes this historic opportunity to take a stand on the “right side” of history.



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