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Endless Energy

Maui author explores energy health.

May 6, 2010
Cindy Schumacher

Conventional wisdom tells us that if you feel tired, you should get more rest, eat better and head to the gym. However, other energies may have the strongest effect on your vitality. The new field of energy health suggests that, “Your energy itself needs to be paid attention to.”

According to Maui author Debra Greene, Ph.D., “Energy does not just come from diet, sleep or exercise. Energy comes from energy.” This Kīhei resident is the author of the acclaimed new book, Endless Energy: The Essential Guide to Energy Health.

She refers to these energies as energy bodies, and she names four. Your energy constitution consists of vital (physical), emotional, mental and universal energies. In the book, each body is explained in detail followed by a chapter on its use and care. This highly interactive guide includes self-assessments of your four energy bodies and how they work together.

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Debra Green uses energy kinesiology to facilitate conscious transformation. “Your energy itself needs to be paid attention to.”

“My book is about human energy, where it comes from, where it goes and how to have more of it consistently,” said Greene. “This is the new home health guide for the 21st century.”

It offers a skillfully woven presentation on how the mind, emotions and energy fields shape our physical life.

What is this new specialty of energy health?

“Focusing on energy allows us to see the whole picture—how our system interacts as a whole, not separated parts,” said Greene. “If a person comes to me and says they feel stuck, confused or depressed, we go behind the scenes to the energy bodies to find what is really going on. When that core is discovered, everything shifts very quickly and easily,” she said.

“Invisible factors such as your own thoughts and feelings affect your energy,” said Greene. For example, pause for a moment to get some sense of your energy level. Then, think about a tragic event or a recent crisis in your life. Notice what happens to your energy. Most of us don’t realize consciously that what we think and feel might be draining energy from throughout our system on an ongoing basis. “This has detrimental health effects,” she said.

But how do you stop unwanted thoughts or emotions?

“My book is a health guide full of tools and exercises to help you gain control of your thoughts and feelings,” said Greene. It includes powerful yet simple energy exercises that get results.

Greene is the founder of a method she calls Inner Clarity. This is an integrative balancing method that uses energy kinesiology to pinpoint hidden core beliefs and a variety of energy-based techniques to facilitate conscious transformation.

“It is like feng shui for the mind,” she said. It helps pinpoint the core of the problem by discovering and transforming deep-seated issues.

You may feel as if you graduated from therapy after using energy-based techniques to help you build your level of self-awareness. The goal is to let go of limiting beliefs, negative habits or destructive emotional patterns and to adopt healthy ones to live with more vibrant energy.

Greene has dedicated her life to studying and mastering energy work. A graduate of Ohio State University with a rigorous and rare Ph.D. in Communication and Somatic Studies, she is an energy-adept, professionally trained facilitator, instructor and writer. She travels and teaches worldwide.

Before coming to Maui, Greene taught full-time in the Graduate School for Holistic Studies at John F. Kennedy University, where she developed a master’s degree program in Holistic Health Education. She is currently on the faculty at the University of Hawai‘i Maui College.

In her book, Greene also discusses steps to a healthy physical (vital) body. She uses the technology lover’s approach to health hazards.

“I am wired about wireless,” she said. “Evidence is mounting that electromagnetic radiation has adverse health effects. From the perspective of your energy, it’s deadly. We may be talking, typing and texting ourselves into more than electronic oblivion,” she said. “We are immersed in a global electronic grid.”

She advises that “when it comes to radiation protection, “dress in layers.” As shown in the top left photo, the hollow section in the headset interrupts radiation from the wire. The ferrite bead counteracts the radiation from the wire at the base of the headset.

The fact is, we simply don’t know safe levels of exposure, nor do we know the cumulative effects or dangers of second-generation exposure. Advice is given in Endless Energy for “safe cell” protection devices to counteract electromagnetic fields.

Greene wrote the chapter “Visionary Medicine” in Goddess Shift: Women Leading for a Change, which also includes chapters by Oprah Winfrey, J.K. Rowling, Michelle Obama, Barbara Walters and other women leaders in diverse fields who are making an impact on today’s changing world.

“These remarkable women envision a very different future for the world we share,” said Greene. “I am honored to be a part of this collaboration.”

For more information, book ordering, and upcoming workshops, visit or call (808) 874-6441.



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