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Sleepless in Makawao

Nature’s an unwanted alarm clock.

May 20, 2010
Debra Lordan · Editor/General Manager

This harbinger of daylight alarms the entire neighborhood each morning like clockwork. He likes to get up early—very early. I’d say about 4:30 a.m. every morning—which is in the middle of my night.

Cock-a-doodle-do! Cock-a-doodle-do! Cock-a-doodle-do!

Therefore, I am averaging about five hours of sleep a night—and that’s at least two hours short of my required beauty sleep. So I’m not feeling very pretty since our fine feathered friend moved in. But I am feeling pretty irritated.

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Debra Lordan
Editor · General Manager

And here’s another rude awakening: According to the Maui Humane Society, there are no animal-specific laws addressing crowing roosters. Although dog owners are in violation of Maui County’s animal nuisance law when their dogs bark constantly for 10 minutes or intermittently for 20 minutes, and those convicted face a maximum penalty of $500, the Maui Humane Society has no authority over rooster noise. Rooster noise can only be enforced through Hawai‘i’s disorderly conduct statute. To report rooster noise, you have to call the cops (243-6400).

But I have yet to file a disorderly conduct claim against Mr. John Q. Rooster. I guess I’m just too chicken—I feel that it would be cruel to have someone’s beloved, cuddly crow-monster taken away in drumstick cuffs. He is, in fact, a very docile creature most of the time. He doesn’t play loud music, or throw wild chicken dances on the weekends. And if he fights, he doesn’t do it at home.

He is really not disorderly at all—except for the unrelenting, incessant and ceaseless crowing, even when the dawning of the day is hours away.

After pecking around the Internet, I found out that roosters might on occasion crow right at daybreak, but it’s just a coincidence. Roosters actually crow whenever they darn well please—morning, noon, night or all of the above.

It seems that most birds devote their mornings to territorial advertising. And indeed, Mr. Rooster now dictates our hours of sleep, and the lack thereof, ruling his neighborhood roost with an iron craw.

The humane society encourages attempting resolution by neighbor-to-neighbor communication or mediation services.



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