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Pā‘ia Meditation

A yoga studio for your mind.

June 3, 2010
Maui Weekly

Need help handling your busy life and its emotional ups and downs, but not seeking a personal assistant or a prescription? Take a new path to relief at Pā‘ia Meditation, which Cheyenne describes as a “yoga studio for your mind.” The studio offers a peaceful space in which to develop a practice scientifically proven to reduce stress, increase brain function and more.

“The overwhelming majority of your life is nothing more than you and your inner dialogue,” said Cheyenne.

Cheyenne was raised in a meditation center, one of the first Tibetan Buddhist centers in the U.S., and was exposed to meditation teachers, scholars and practitioners throughout his childhood. With a degree in computer science from Vassar College, he spent the past two decades focused on an unlikely pairing—incubating early-stage Web companies and studying and practicing meditation. Cheyenne discovered first-hand how a strong meditation practice greatly influences success in business.

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Pā‘ia Meditation offers a monthly workshop called “An Owner’s Manual for Your Mind.”
Photo: Mike Adrian

“Whatever you create for yourself in your life is simply you acting out what’s going on inside your mind,” he said. “So it just makes sense that learning how to change your relationship to your inner dialogue can change every aspect of your life—that’s what we’re doing at Pā‘ia Meditation.”

Pā‘ia Meditation has nonreligious daily classes for both beginner and advanced students. The studio offers monthly workshops called “An Owner’s Manual for Your Mind,” which are designed to teach people how their mind works and help them understand how to live in a greater state of calm and ease.

Many Maui business owners have already found meditation essential to their success, including Kristine Hoffman, owner and creator of Sailbags Maui, which offers eco-friendly beach bags sewn from 100 percent recycled kite sails. 

“Since beginning a meditation practice, communicating with clients and employees and the multitude of tiny tasks and decisions that constitute daily business life are approached with a refreshing sense of ease, acceptance and greater clarity,” said Hoffman.

From the first session on, she felt a “distinct positive shift” in how her day unfolded. “I was more calm, more observant, and as a busy start-up entrepreneur, my list of ‘to-dos’ seemed more doable and enjoyable as I began a day of organizing production,” she said. “Now, when an unexpected situation pops up with my business, I notice that I’m less reactive, both internally and with my external interactions with others.”

Billy Jalbert, a former Silicon Valley CEO and owner and principal broker of The Maui Real Estate Team, began meditation after he found that as his business grew, he had trouble sleeping and letting go of his daily mental task list. After one workshop, he found he was able to understand his thought process and sleep much better. 

“I find that meditation is providing me with ‘the owner’s manual’ to my mind,” said Jalbert. 

“Truthfully, I think that I would be dead, in jail or in a mental institution if I had not found meditation,” said Cheyenne. “I was so caught up in the stories in my mind that I couldn’t see the world around me. And what I see now is that, to a greater or lesser degree, everyone seems to be caught up in what’s going on in his or her head.

“At Pā‘ia Mediation, I’m lucky to have a venue to share my experience and the techniques and practices that I learned to help me get through this,” he said.

Founder and creator of Maui organic hair care line Love Inside Out, Synneve Leake, also experienced positive impacts from Cheyenne’s practice that helped improve her clarity and creativity. “Pā‘ia Meditation really exposed me to the inner workings of my mind and helped me to discover how to quickly gain perspective, especially when faced with making quick and difficult decisions,” she said.

Along with the launch of Pā‘ia Meditation, Cheyenne hopes to work with community and nonprofit organizations to facilitate tailored meditation programs to meet the needs of individual groups. 

“Meditation is helping me teach my mind to work for me, rather than against me,” said Jalbert.

Attend Pā‘ia Meditation’s monthly “An Owner’s Manual for Your Mind” workshops and learn how to calm your mind to reduce stress, insomnia, anxiety, and when to let emotions and thoughts “float by.”

Upcoming sessions include June 11 to 13 and July 9 to 11 at Pā‘ia Meditation, located at 137 E Hāna Highway, behind the Green Banana Café, on the second floor. Each of these weekend workshops takes place on Friday from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.; Saturday from 9 to 11 a.m. and 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.; and Sunday 9 to 11 a.m. Kama‘āina rates are available. Call 264-6909 or email to reserve a space.



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