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Redirect War Spending

Studying who actually profits from this war might help us understand why it started.

June 10, 2010
Daniel Grantham · Ha‘ikū

The seventh anniversary of our Middle East wars passed with the usual rational and humanitarian protests.

The mainstream appears resigned to muddling through, trying not to think about all the lost money, lives and limbs, or the civil liberties squashed in the ongoing quest for some kind of security.  

That often means controlling dissent and hiding government crimes from the American people.

Studying who actually profits from this war might help us understand why it started, why it continues and how to end it by redirecting our resources.

The long denied grizzly in the closet, our oil addiction, could become a teddy bear if we dedicated substantial war expenses to developing solar, wind and other renewable energy sources.

Private war contracts spent at home improving decayed and inefficient infrastructure would extend jobs and opportunities into communities most in need of help.

War money could support genuine sustainable economies offering environmentally restorative and profitable alternatives to corporate exploitation and desperation.

The military industrial complex would quickly embrace peace if we followed maverick Marine General Smedley Butler’s advice to draft industry and Congress for the duration, at the same pay grade as a private getting shot at on the battlefield.

The religious/ideological issues might be largely resolved by strict compliance with our constitutional requirement that no religion be favored over another.

Finally, recognizing that public airwaves are limited and therefore not free, habitual abuse of broadcast license to spread lies for profit or politics could result in fines or loss of license.





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