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Poi Dog Contest Winners

Congratulations to the top poi dogs!

June 24, 2010
Maui Weekly

And mahalo for the many great entries for Maui Weekly’s Poi Dog Contest. Our expert panel of judges picked eight winners, but visit www.mauiweekly for more dog tails.

Lady Kahikinui

Mo‘ & Honu · Kahikinui

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Lady Kahikinui’s first language is Hawaiian, so all her commands are in Hawaiian.

Lady was born up on the slope of Haleakala. Her first language is Hawaiian, so all her commands are in Hawaiian. She has attitude and can be a little sassy. When it is time to relax however, she is first in line for that as well. She is also an excellent tracker and loves to ride on the quad. Time to get her some doggles….


Nikom Los Banos · Kihei

Mana is Maui’s fearless “Big Wave Surfing Dog.” Like our great surfing legend Eddie Aikau, “Mana would go.” He embodies the true spirit of aloha and makes everyone smile. Mana and Nikom will compete in a surfing contest in California in July and September. Find them on YouTube: Mana’s Surfing Adventures and Dogs of Ma‘alaea.

Foster and Tasman

Dale Siegert · Makawao

Foster (left), 15, has traveled to more places than most humans. Poor Foster was in an accident and broke his spine, but he is a survivor—and a lifesaver. The Siegert family was scheduled to be on the flight that crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11, but because of Foster, who needed to change planes due to quarantine laws, the family changed planes also. Foster has cancer but wants to be a poster dog before retiring to the big dog park in the sky.

Tasman, who is 3 years old and full of life, spreads aloha to everyone he meets!


Kathryn · Kihei

Pete (or Petie), a smart, beautiful, well-trained poi dog, was rescued in Idaho about five years ago. He was going to be put down because he’s “not good with livestock.” But Kathryn adopted Petie, and he proved to be very adept at chewing shoes, furniture and chasing anything that moved. The happy ending is he became Kathryn’s running buddy and continues to teach her patience, how to live in the moment, and shows her what unconditional and unwavering love is all about on a daily basis.


Wendy Brown · Ha‘iku

Marley came all the way from California to retire on Maui. Ever since, he has enjoyed the warm weather and the sunny days. His he will sit outside for hours sunbathing, either sprawled out on his back with his paws in the air or lounging in a beach chair. Marley is a true poi dog!

Haupia and Hula

Brandi Avila · Kihei

Haupia and Hula Girl love to play ball at the beach. The sisters are great dogs—very smart, calm, and obedient. Brandi said she loves her beach babies.


Genvieve James · Kihei

Charlie, 15-months-old, is Genvieve’s best friend and her first dog. Live David Bowie, Charlie has one blue eye and one brown eye. He is a great, mellow dog who enjoys playing with fallen coconuts and palm branches.


Joanne Noruzi · Kihei

Roxy, 5, is super-sweet and super-akamai. She can play dead for hours and roll over for or five times in a row. She has many other tricks tricks up her sleeve, and Joanne said she is a very loyal companion.

There simply wasn’t room for all the great Poi Dog Contest entries, so here are some “Web Exclusive” pooches that we don’t want you to miss.


Lori Lawson · Kihei

Lori Lawson and her son fell in love with Ali‘i the moment they saw her in the care of the Maui Humane Society. Ali‘i is the best and smartest dog ever, and never ever barks or whines. She loves other dogs and does a cute little ‘belly to the floor’ shuffle whenever she sees another dog. That means she wants to play! She does the cutest figures eights when let off her leash, especially at the beach or the local dog park. She trained really quickly and easily and knows about a dozen commands, which she will gladly perform anytime. She has brought so much joy to the Lawson family, that they can’t imagine how they ever lived without her!



Batman does bat-flips on the beach to catch his frizzbee. He’s knows lots of tricks! He makes people laugh just to look at him and when they meet him they fall in love with his spirit.


Noriko Hoge, Kihei

Chaco is a rescue dog from the Maui Humane Society. He has proved to be the gentlest of creatures, sensitive and kind to all beings. Soon after his adoption, we began caring for rescued birds in our home. Chaco proved to be a canine nursemaid to them, reminding us of the St. Bernard in Peter Pan, always wanting to be nose to beak with the tiny birds and often alerting us when they were hungry or otherwise needed attention.

We adopted him when he was 2 1/2. He is now 9 1/2 and the ultimate aloha dog at the beach, sitting with families, posing for photos, and patiently letting the children pet him, even when they pull on his ears.

Chewie Andersen

John & Athena Andersen, Wailuku

Chewie just took a ride on a boogie board, bailed over the side and got scooped up by Dad. Although he is not looking like a happy camper, he has a barrel of fun on the beach.


Tawny Dibello, Kihei

Puna loves to ride the waves on his boogie board—and he is too cool in his board shorts.


La‘ and Catalina, Kihei

Dude is the best dude in the whole “DudeWorld” because he is an avid body-boarder and surfer. He is well known among the people on all beaches from the North Shore down to Little Beach. He’s been known to steal a kid’s sandwich or take off down the beach with your towel. And he doesn’t bark—he talks. He is an excellent swimmer and fetcher, and he is not afraid to launch himself over the raging shore break to get his ball. He is loving and loyal, and he has a rabbit as a young brother. And best of all, he is Maui grown.

Hana Marie

Jill Barnett · Kihei

Miss Hana Marie, a black lab mix, was born in Kipahulu. She is the “Queen of the Yard.” When we have guest over, she sits in her chair to socialize with the group. She enjoys fetching a frisbee and a ball. She and her brother, Kip, play hide and seek around my VW Beetle.


Holly Lang-Manning · Kihei

Rodie is the best dog in town! She found her owners at the 2004 Makawao Rodeo.

Sallie Mae

Brad & Erin Nuese · Kihei

Sweet Sallie loves her little boys like they were her own puppies. She won’t leave them if she doesn’t have to. The Nueses feel so lucky to have a dog who is a family member, guard dog and loyal friend. They love their Sallie Mae!

The Three Sirs of Kihei

John White · Kihei

Sir Winston, Sir Henry and Sir Lancelot enjoy ruling the Kingdom of Kihei and everyone just loves to pet them when they are out for walks.


Dr. Diane E. Shepherd · Kihei

Matilda is long and low and feathery. She thinks she is a great chicken hunter, and sleeps on the bed with four cats.


Darla Hay · Monju

Monju is the best!


Haile Brown · Ha‘iku

Princess is so funny! When she was a puppy, she would push her nose up against the glass and beg to be let in the house. She would stay for a couple of minutes with her teeth showing and her nose smooshed. She also enjoys being dressed up and fits her name perfectly... a spoiled Princess.



Tiara Sauer, Kihei


Mana grabs food from his bowl with his mouth, then takes it across the room to eat it. When you give him a treat, he will do all his tricks before you even ask him to! When he wants to play, he run around the house with anything he can fit in his mouth. When he wants to go for a walk, he will gently put your hand in his mouth and bring you to the door. Then he will bring his leash to you and drop it on your feet. And those are just some of the things Mana dog… but mostly he’s a guard dog.



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