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End Injection Wells

Should be a no-brainer.

June 24, 2010
Rheychol Paris · Lahaina
Regarding two recent issues on the table these days—mobile phone usage while driving and the injection well controversy—it seems talking on the phone and texting while driving is a “no-brainer,” right? Injecting polluted, partially treated water into land, which will eventually reach the water table and then the ocean, should also be a no-brainer.

What is wrong with those we voted in to run things, supposedly to protect us and our precious environment? Do none of the elected officials spend time in the ocean or eat local fish? Our ocean already has dying coral reefs, few reef fish and now unsafe and polluted coastal waters. Things can only get worse, and with the latest horrific oil spill catastrophe, can we really afford to delay finding new and innovative ways to protect and preserve what is left of our precious ocean?

With all the money available to keep building or expanding tourist-loving resorts—those very resorts that add to the accumulation of sewage—surely there is money to find innovative ways to deal with our antibiotic-filled human waste and chemical/nitrogen runoff without injecting it into the sea.

Is there is even a slight question as to the safety of these injection wells? Come on—find another way! The clock is ticking, and what’s true is no one really knows the long-term effects of injection well usage. It doesn’t look good, but rather dangerous, shortsighted and stupid. I thought gambling was illegal in this state.


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