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Free Vehicle Recycling

SOS soon moving a shipload of scrap.

August 5, 2010
Maui Weekly

SOS Metals Recycling will arrange free pick-up of your vehicle or you can bring it in yourself to claim up to $30 per ton cash-back recycling value.

“We take pride in offering the residents of Maui a chance to get the abandoned vehicles off the road,” said Dan Kohrdt of SOS Metals. “It saves people money in abandoned vehicle fees, and keeps the island clean.”

Vehicles must be stripped of rubbish, plants, dirt and include no extra tires (a spare tire is permitted). You will be required to sign an affidavit of ownership.

“We’re moving a shipload of scrap off of Maui all within the next four months,” said Kohrdt. In the previous three years, SOS Metals has moved nearly four shiploads of scrap off Maui at 10 to 15 thousand tons per ship.

SOS Metals—located on Mokulele Highway in the Maui Baseyard in Pu‘unēnē—pays top dollar for recyclable metals including aluminum, copper, lead, iron, stainless steel white goods, cars and catalytic converters.



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