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Golden Aloha

Angels among us.

September 23, 2010
Trisha Smith · Editorial Assistant

After a rental car’s lock system malfunctioned, a sweet stranger named Chris—who was on his way to an appointment—stopped and helped me “MacGyver my way” into the vehicle via the trunk, and fluttered away like the angel he was before I could reimburse or even thank him.

Amidst this commotion, I absent-mindedly placed my wallet atop the car and drove away. Nice one…

I returned to the “scene” and searched thoroughly, yet to no avail. I began the tedious cancellation process as I kicked myself for carelessness. Returning to the office, I was pleasantly surprised to find a message from another one of my guardian angels—Larry Joaquin of Kihei.

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Trisha Smith
Editorial Assistant

The Kalama Heights “transportation director” said he spotted an object out of place upon the concrete as he was driving by, and turned back to retrieve it. “Something told me to go get it,” said Larry. “It’s nice to do something to help others—I hope for the same in return.”

Then, I nearly had to cancel a retreat to feed my soul in Hana recently when I came upon impassable obstructions a mere four miles from my destination. First on the “scene,” my pal and I waited patiently, deciding if we dare move the layers of bamboo and power lines that impeded our journey, or just turn back.

Luckily, a group of strapping local boys came to our rescue and directed traffic after clearing the treacherous debris, sporting shakas and smiles as they waved us through in the rain.

Larry and these other angels live by the Golden Rule, which is literally just “to treat others as you want to be treated.” They have also discovered one of life’s greatest secrets—by becoming more giving you’ll become happier, as well.

As a society, our moral coherence is tested daily, and moments like these are what keep my spirits high. This recent “golden aloha” has reinforced my overall contention that everyone has goodness within, and selfishness is an outdated fad, even in the most hectic of lives.



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