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October 21, 2010
Eve Hogan

According to the New York Times, somewhere in the vicinity of 39,000 couples tied the knot in the U.S. alone! All around the world, the same phenomenon happened—and certainly all over Maui and the other Hawaiian Islands.

I performed several of them myself.

I have to admit, at first, it sounded kind of cheesy to me. As I stood on the beach watching couple after couple flaunting their wedding attire, it even seemed kind of comical.

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A day to remember. Love was in the air and on the beach in Kapalua on Oct. 10, 2010.

As the officiant, I felt like yelling, “Next!” just for fun.

But as the sun set on kissing couples with cameras flashing up and down the beach, I noticed that I was walking away from the day feeling absolutely joyful. I could feel a tangible, energetic high. I had the sense that we had all just taken part in a historical event. And rather than one surrounding acts of war or terrorism, the event was about love, hope, commitment and devotion.

If the theory is true that the energy expelled when a butterfly flaps its wings can impact the path of tornado faraway, one has to wonder when thousands and thousands of couples hold the intention of love on a single day, what’s the planetary impact of the energy generated by million kisses?

Ah, the power of love.

Start planning—11/11/11 is only a year away!



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