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Dear Maui sugarcane farmers

November 11, 2010
Frank Vaiuso, Christa Briggs, Nancy S., Loretta

This topsoil eventually lands on the near-shore reefs and causes an algae bloom, manifesting sickness for the reef and the fish that feed on it. The reef slowly dies.

Tourists that have been coming here for 10 or more years have commented that the reef is not as beautiful and they are considering other vacation destinations.

Marine biologists have documented this change. The sugarcane corporation must re-educate their farmers and teach them better ways of farming that protect and preserve the beauty of Maui.

If the reef suffers, along with the fish that feed from it, we invite more sharks closer into the near-shore where surfers paddle and children snorkel.

For the sake of a sustainable quality of life on Maui, dialogue is suggested between the county and state governments on Maui, and the sugarcane manufacturers in Hawai‘i as a whole. The red dirt dispersion and the smoke from burning sugarcane debris pollutes the air and water. People are breathing these pollutants and sweeping them from their homes.

Our new elected officials must help change these medieval methods of farming. Together we can make Maui as beautiful and pure as it was intended, so that generations of Hawaiians and visitors alike may enjoy an elevated quality of life.



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