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Mud fight in South Maui

January 6, 2011
Jim Reece

In talking to the Maui County foreman of the road crew in front of Village by the Sea, he said he might clear it, but it would be considered a favor. Nevermind that we were only talking about 10 square yards of entrance mud that was a foot thick so people could get to work or get to the airport. Where was the aloha?

Then later we were told that if we pushed any mud back into the street, the police would be called on us.

This mudslide happens every few years, and the road crews work a lot of overtime to get it somewhat cleaned up. Why doesn’t the county clean up the canals before they become gully washers? Why aren’t the openings under South Kīhei Road dug out so the next time, the branches won’t end up in someone’s yard or parking lot?

Wake up guys. It’s called “bad weather planning,” and it’s a term used on the Mainland.

Wait!! I know! Don’t tell me. This ain’t the Mainland!



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