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Music, Meditation and Munchies

Kula resident creates heavenly music and sweet treats.

January 27, 2011
Cindy Schumacher

She has taught piano and composition, specializing in combining classical technique with creative expression.

“My goal as a teacher is to support the unique spark in each individual while helping to develop his or her knowledge by enhancing their appreciation of music,” she said. “I have presented workshops for teachers and children using a method which helps develop creative skills and makes theory relevant.”

While performing solo and ensemble concerts throughout the country, Moody became deeply interested in spiritual philosophy.

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In addition to her new gluten-free Hawaiian Sweetie-Pie, Kate Moody is an award-winning pianist and composer.

“I studied at the Nityananda Institute, Oregon, in 1995 and actively began to practice meditation,” she said. “My initial draw to meditation grew out of the sense of musical energy coming through me and the need to clear any blocks that might be holding it back.”

“A lucky byproduct of being a spiritually inspired composer is an innate understanding of the nature of vibration,” Moody said. This is the basis of her musical meditation workshops known as Connect the Dots. “Through music, I present a series of meditative visualizations for healing and well-being here on Maui,” she said.

During the musical meditation workshop, Moody combines piano music, composed and improvised, with guided visualizations, bringing about an emotionally rich, soothing and calming experience.

“The music deepens the meditations and demonstrates how we can develop our innate human ability to know peace and deep contentment,” she said.

Moody studied piano at Sonoma State University and composition at The New England Conservatory. Her first album, Grateful Heart, enjoyed great success with international airplay on over 200 radio stations. She was honored at the 2004 Just Plain Folks Music Awards for her full-length symphonic work, The Seeker.

“My current project is a concerto for viola and orchestra,” she said.

But Moody is not only an award-winning composer and pianist, she is also the creator of an amazingly wholesome treat named Sweetie-Pies.

“There are always new doors to open and adventures to be had,” said Moody. “I began experimenting with gluten-free baking in 2000 when I began to suspect that I was intolerant to gluten,” Moody said.

She noticed a big difference in how her tummy felt when she was gluten-free, compared to when she was splurging on bread and butter or that big piece of cake.

“In the last several years, lots more information about gluten intolerance has become available,” she said.

The two forms of the illness are subclinical gluten intolerance and celiac disease. The main difference is the degree of intensity—celiac is the more serious condition. But even subclinical or hidden gluten intolerance creates inflammation in the digestive system. And long-time inflammation affects the entire body.

Gliadin, the molecule that causes the digestive problems, is present in wheat, rye, barley, kumut, spelt, teff and couscous.

“It is estimated that one in seven Americans have subclinical gluten intolerance,” Moody said.

From 2002-04, Moody prepared breakfast weekly at the Nityananda Institute.

“It was a great opportunity for me to develop my gluten-free baking skills,” she said. “One happy diner exclaimed, ‘You could sell these muffins for five dollars apiece in L.A.!’”

Since Moody already had a career in music, she decided to shelve that idea. However, about two years ago, she began to think seriously about moving back to Maui.

“I knew that making a living as a musician could be especially challenging here, so I opened my mind to other possibilities,” she said. “About a year ago, the idea came to me to sell gluten-free ice cream sandwiches, a Hawaiian product made with macadamia nuts and coconut milk ice-cream.”

With inspiration, help and feedback from friends, Moody began developing and refining the recipes. These delicious handmade macadamia cookies layered with dark chocolate and frozen coconut cream are gluten- and dairy-free. They come in five flavors: Originilla Vanilla, Coco Ono, Pomtastic, Spiced Out and Lemon Iluna.

Flip-Flops, a South Pacific health-food version of flapjacks, is a sister product also developed by Moody.

You can sample Moody’s music online at To learn more about Connecting the Dots and musical meditation workshop locations, visit



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