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Contract vs Commitment

School administrators and politicians should ensure real benefits for deserving teachers.

January 27, 2011
Hugh Brenner · Kīhei

My mom and dad were both teachers, and I can tell you they’re probably spinning in their graves about that limitation. What a crock! Seven hours? They spent longer than that in the classroom alone, never mind the interminable meetings, seminars, summer school every year to refresh accreditation, early morning hours prepping for class and long into the night doing lesson plans and special projects, PTA and all the rest. They were teachers 24/7/365, not just employees doing a job.

We’re cheating our children out of a strong education, and it’s showing up everywhere, from testing results to youth crime statistics. And we’re all at fault—parents and teachers and administrators and politicians and even the students who are so complacently allowing themselves to be cheated because less time in school means more time to mess around and get in trouble.

If you want to know where most of our problems come from—you’ve got it right here. Mostly from gutless administrators and politicians unwilling to provide the pay and benefits real teachers deserve, and also unwilling to set standards strong enough to ensure we attract and keep the best teachers, and weed out the “what’s-in-it-for-me” time-servers.



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