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A charter commission is needed

June 16, 2011
Maui Weekly

1. The Maui County Council’s response last year to the 66 percent of the population who wanted district voting clearly demonstrated their unwillingness to listen to the voters. They knew that by denying that charter question, they would effectively guarantee themselves (remember, under non-partisan voting, an incumbent has never been defeated, except for Nishiki) at least three more terms in office and the accumulation of at least six more years of retirement credits each. That’s called self-serving—or putting the cat in charge of the canary!

2. Please tell all of us poor stupid voters how we can get 20 percent of the registered voters to sign a charter amendment petition in a place that only turns out 32 percent of the voters (2010) for an election! That figure is twice what is required in Honolulu County (10 percent) and more than many states require for a constitutional referendum!

3. Your response is clearly reflective of your position as sole, self-appointed guardian of the goodness and purity of Maui County government and big business against the will and needs of the people.

Next time Dorothy leaves for Oz, perhaps the lion will give you his seat!

Al Rabold



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