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Revolution planned for October

June 16, 2011
Maui Weekly

When 66 percent of the people want single-payer health insurance, and 70 percent want out of the wars right now, and 93 percent want Wall Street fraudsters prosecuted (, and our government continues to ignore us, we cannot claim to live in a democracy. There is no reason to die in foreign wars defending a democracy in name only.

Barack Obama will not even prosecute the Wall Street criminals who caused the financial meltdown, and who continue to rob our wealth through oil and commodities speculation. Instead, he’s hired more of them into the White House so they’ll give him money for his next election bid.

If you’ve had it with corporate sell-out, Obama, and had it with war, and had it with Wall Street, lend a hand. We can do this. “Yes We Can.”

Go to and get involved.



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