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My neighbor's dog won't stop barking!

June 30, 2011
Maui Weekly

However, if you cannot remedy the matter, call MHS. We will need you to identify the exact location of the dog. Unfortunately, if you don't know where the barking is coming from, we cannot legally address the problem. The law defines excessive barking as “continuous barking for 10 minutes” or “intermittent barking for 20 minutes” by the same dog. In order for MHS to cite the dog owner, this standard must be proven. First we will ask you to document the exact times and dates of the barking. We then follow a standard process, contacting the owner, providing advice on how to control the barking, following up with further documentation if the barking continues, then moving forward with legal action. "Barking dog" cases can go to court, with fines issued if excessive barking is proven.

The most effective way to address annoying barking is for people to collaborate to solve the problem. Talk with your neighbor about their

dog--allow them to remedy the situation. And dog owners, if your neighbor tells you your dog barks all day (or night) when you are gone, believe them! Be a good neighbor and a responsible dog owner.



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