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Maui’s Renaissance Man

Multi-faceted maverick wears many hats.

June 30, 2011
Trisha Smith

This multi-faceted man has found success as a licensed real estate agent, process server, auctioneer—among other vocations—utilizing various lessons and skills he acquired during his ardent years as a mixed martial arts competitor, diesel mechanic and nightclub chain purveyor, just to name few.

Prior to his move to Maui eight years ago, just as he approached his 40th birthday, Williams made significant leaps that would route his path to a promising future. He called O‘ahu home for 25 years before a Mainland stint in Indiana nearly a decade ago, when, after his marriage of 17 years to the mother of his three children fell apart, he opted to return to paradise.

“She wanted to stay and pursue science—I wanted to come home and start over,” said Williams, who also owns the Maui Property Group LLC real estate company.

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Gallant businessman Chris Williams runs several businesses on the isle, including Maui Process Servers, Evictions R Us and Da Kine Rush Maui.

With two sons by his side, Williams began work on Maui as a food and beverage manager, but said it was “no doubt a difficult period in my life,” and he yearned for more.

Ironically, he discovered his next desired direction when he hired a process server to deliver divorce papers to his estranged wife. He was extremely intrigued with its simplicity and boldness, and dove right into the business, starting up Ali‘i Express Process Servers LLC.

“Several lawyers and police officers on the isle offered up endless advice and assistance as I transitioned,” said Williams. “But as time went on, I just marketed myself and worked hard.”

Ali‘i eventually morphed into Maui Process Servers LLC (MPS), which specializes in the enforcement of court ordered “Writ of Possessions,” as directed by Hawai‘i Revised Statues 666-1 to 666-21, authorized by the State of Hawai‘i Department of Public Safety. He also serves papers regarding divorce, child custody and restraining orders, among several other situations. (View details at

“Bottom line—I get the job done,” he said.

You may recognize him most from boisterous radio ads for Evictions R Us, which specializes in 23-day uncontested evictions of holdover tenants. This small company sprouted from MPS just as foreclosures were picking up over the last few years.

Although Williams regularly faces adversity, he said he’s “just trying to do his job.” “I’m extremely compassionate, but many people may have the impression that I’m the bad guy,” he said.

He assists with “proper judicial removal” through Evictions R Us, and has saved many homes from foreclosure by helping landlords remove tenants who refuse to pay rent and/or destroy rentals, causing owners to lose their homes.

In reality, Williams said he’s helping clean up controversy across Maui, making it a better place for everyone. “I have a healthy respect for all parties involved, so I serve all documents in a humane manner,” he said.

Williams has collected fascinating and frightening stories as a process server. While serving a complaint one afternoon on a property in Waiehu, his Jeep endured an intense face-off with a huge black bull that was ordered by his agitated owner to stand guard until Williams left.

Another tale includes a late-night runway excursion to a serve divorce papers to a wealthy foreign businessman arriving in a private jet. After facing some conflict and intimidation from the man’s “wise guys,” Williams was still able to serve the papers and deliver verification that “You’ve been served.”

He’s even been ordered to serve a restraining order to a “private business owner” who was “on the turf” of another in a local park.

“I may not agree with everything I see, but I get the job done and move on,” said Williams, whose MPS retains a 100 percent (personal) service-of-process record, even when dealing with those who wish not to be served.

A maverick who wears many hats, Williams said his brawn and brains are just a few keys to his success, and that careful consideration of the culture and people keep him on an even keel.

“Given the fact I have grown up and lived most of my life in Hawai‘i… I’m able to interact with the local residents, and respectfully communicate and explain court-ordered documents,” he said.

Despite a fragile economy, Williams said his “ever-apparent, positive attitude” enables him to find ways to start up new businesses, such as his most current endeavor in Kīhei as owner of Da Kine Rush Maui—formerly Da Rush. He’s also part owner of the Focus More On Boarding locale nearby, a new skateboard shop behind the Union 76 Station next to Lulu’s.

And as the only fully licensed and bonded auctioneer in Maui County, Williams is opening the doors to “Chris’s Auction House” this August in Kīhei.

“I love my careers—they are exciting and rewarding when I can help folks that are being mistreated in some way,” he said.



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