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Homeowners unite

July 7, 2011
Maui Weekly

If the council had adopted more of COMET’s and concerned citizens’ solutions, they would not be looking at making this unfair adjustment—doubletalk for raising the homeowner’s taxes. COMET has asked for a two-fold assessment system—acquisition-based at the time of sale and a yearly non-sale assessment of 4 percent up or 4 percent down. COMET has agreed that the tax rates could be adjusted.

COMET made strides in 23 years, including the $300,000 exemption and circuit breaker. What will we lose next?

It is not the fault of legitimate homeowners that current property values have gone down. Maui’s average is 27 percent since 2008. One in four mortgages held in the U.S. is underwater. People are out of work, gas prices are skyrocketing, and there exists and increasing lack of confidence in our government.

Such is the feeling with our council. They have the nerve to state that they have been more than generous to the homeowner.

Property taxes have been unfair for decades due to speculation and unregulated supervision. Years of complaints fell on deaf ears. Maui County should not be compared to other Hawai‘i counties. We should thank our lucky COMET that we have one.

Remember, we make up the largest voting pool. That statement alone should shake the boots of certain council members.

The Maui COMET Website under construction.

Bill Tavares



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