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Beware of smart meter dangers

July 21, 2011
Maui Weekly

It is bad enough that we are surrounded by cell transmitters that emit microwaves 24 hours a day, but that they are installing them six, eight, 12 and even 32 transmitters at a time as are on a building 3,800 feet from my home. I may be fried to death here in Kīhei as it is now. Almost every other condo in Kīhei is equipped with rooftop towers radiating me everywhere I go. Your smart meter will be putting a cell tower directly into every ones home.

I am now also getting seven WiFi signals into my home by ignorant neighbors who also do not know about the dangers of EMF. One man’s WiFi is on 24 hours a day and it is a second home—he is rarely there. His home is across the street and four doors down, but he still manages to fill my home with his signals. I can just imagine all your smart meters closely surrounding my home and bombarding me 24/7 with microwave radiation.

There is no way in hell I want a smart meter any where near me or my home.

I sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission and to President Obama to tell them how bad it is on me physically (

Before you get on the bandwagon and endorse these meters, I would suggest you read what many other parts of the world are doing to mitigate and stop the harmful affects of EMFs. For more information, visit

I guarantee that this smart meter of yours will harm me and many others. It is bad enough that they are wasting $14 million here on Maui, but to also put all those people at such risk is beyond criminal. Visit

This is no way to go in the future! Human health issues need to come first above all, especially above corporate profits at the expense of all our health.

Ron Schranz



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