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Residents Favor District Voting

Why does the Maui County Council oppose it?

August 4, 2011
Al Rabold · Kula

That said, I’ve heard that all nine of our Maui County Council members that you elected to represent you appear to oppose district voting. Is it possible that they believe that the collective wisdom of their nine intellects is far greater than the collective wisdom of 82,600 voters? Or is it something more?

How about pure, unadulterated, self-interest and maybe a bit of greed? See, since the current voting system was implemented in 1991, an incumbent council member, with the exception of Wayne Nishiki, has never been defeated. Odds are that unless we change to district voting, all nine will be in office until they reach term limits. Even then, it’s fairly likely they will be reelected after taking their mandatory two-year hiatus! Given that, know that they are the highest paid council members in the state, and each year that they remain on the council, their retirement benefits increase significantly (plus 12 percent per year?) and they don’t have to stand in the unemployment office line.



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