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Pickup Truck Legislation Unnecessary

How is a big family with only one truck supposed to get around Maui?

August 18, 2011
Nikhilananda · Huelo

Pedestrians are killed walking down the road, people are killed riding their motorcycles and bicycles, from time to time, people drown while surfing or swimming. We do not outlaw such activities. This undesirable legislation by the Maui County Council is ill-conceived and unnecessary.

It’s been years since our last fatality, and more recently, a driver of a pick-up truck was killed whereas the two individuals in the back received minor injuries.

How is a family with only one truck, no extra cab room and numerous children supposed to get around our island? For over 30 years, our county government outlawed hitchhiking. In January 1999 the prohibition was deleted from country ordinances. Now people can ride in the back of pickup trucks and young people can hop a ride with their skateboards and surfboards while getting around the island. And what about sports teams?

Our bus system, growing and improving, does not go Upcountry beyond Makawao nor past Ha‘ikū. What are people to do?

The council must focus on issues such as assisting the houseless, improving the economic environment, instituting district representation for an accountable and democratic voting structure, plus establishing a more equitable property tax system.



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