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Paws & Reflect Doesn’t Add Up

Maui Humane Society has not embraced the “No Kill Equation.”

August 25, 2011
Phyllis Tavares, 9th Life Hawai‘i CEO

Maddie’s Fund ( requires coalitions of animal control agencies, traditional shelters and adoption guarantee organizations, so they can pool their talent and resources to end the killing of healthy and treatable dogs and cats within 10 years. The animal control agency (MHS) must collaborate and provide the data from their records that Maddie’s Fund requires. Besides saving the lives of animals, a Maddie’s Fund grant would likely defray a portion of funding that presently is given to the Maui Humane Society from funds received from Maui County for spay/neuter procedures.

Sadly, the leadership at Maui Humane Society has not embraced nor implemented the “No Kill Equation” ( Instead they continue to blame the irresponsible community and the fact that MHS has an open-door policy. However, open-door animal shelters across our great nation have embraced no-kill policies and implemented the “No Kill Equation.” The Nevada Humane Society, an open-door shelter, embraced the no-kill movement four to five years ago. Almost overnight, they went from an 80-plus percent kill rate to a 90 percent save rate.

Bonney Brown, who replaced the former executive director of the Nevada Humane Society, changed basically everything. Instead of blaming the community, Bonney implemented the “No Kill Equation” and has achieved one of the highest save rates in the nation. The success of the Nevada Humane Society begs the question: Is the Maui Humane Society doing enough to save lives? With an 80-plus percent feline kill rate at MHS, you decide.

According to Bonney Brown, the success of the Nevada Humane Society can be every community’s success. Bonney’s advice for other communities is to follow the proven methods of the “No Kill Equation.”

With all this being said, I present this question to the board members of MHS: Can we collaborate on a Maddie’s Fund grant to bring much needed revenue and work together to implement the No Kill Equation?



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