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Stop Kula overdevelopment

August 25, 2011
Maui Weekly

During my years in California, I heard over and over stories about corruption and small town politics in Hawai‘i. I do not know if that is involved in this Kula fiasco or not. I just see the whole plan is about the worst planning—or lack thereof—I have seen.

My understanding is that the cheap places for seniors in this development will be $200,000 each. A senior myself, I don’t see anyone with $200,000 to buy a place as low-income. I do not have that kind of money, nor do other seniors I know, so we all rent.

Why is a housing development for seniors to be more crowded than anyplace around and up where there is no bus service? To slip in this development on fast track, this place up 4,000 feet on the side of a volcano is going to be reclassified as an “urban” zone. What a scam!

It is a farce to classify as “urban” zoning an area in mountain forest without any bus service. It is going to be a mini-city with a couple hundred cars being stuck up among the trees without adequate roads, water or drainage. Pumping water up 4,000 feet from sea level and then giving the facility to the county for taxpayers to operate at a loss?

Imagine 200 cars on a driveway to a two-lane country road without any signal. And I cannot even walk there because there is no sidewalk except a couple hundred feet by the Kula Community Center.

The parcel for this development is agricultural and needs to stay that way to limit the overkill of 112 units where only a couple dozen should go. Please reduce the units in this development to a couple dozen. It should really stay agricultural. We need all the agricultural land we can save. Anything more is an attack on the people and the environment.

Alan Gorg



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