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Leaving Lahaina for last time

September 1, 2011
Maui Weekly

But today, I was sadly disappointed while shopping in Lahaina. Of course, like hundreds of visitors just like me, I cruised Front Street in search of a parking space. On the second sweep through the town, with no luck finding a parallel parking place, I parked in the free, three-hour lot. I was lucky enough to find a space that someone else was leaving. Quickly, I pulled in and locked up my car to start my shopping trip to purchase the gifts for family and friends at home. When I got to my first shop and found that gift, I realized, in my haste, I left my wallet on the front seat of my car. I hurried back to the parking lot, only to find a police cruiser parked behind me. Now I was only gone no more than a few minutes—certainly not three hours. I walked over to the police car and waited for him to finish what he was doing. I asked the officer if there was a problem, and he replied that I and about eight other cars were parked in a bus area. He pointed to the faded lettering on the surface of the parking lot and signage. I told him that people driving into the lot would have a difficult time reading the faded lettering, and the signage was on the other end of the parking lot. His answer to this was to walk over and put the $60 parking ticket under my windshield wiper and walk away.

I was flabbergasted. Is the beautiful town of Lahaina now preying on its customers with questionable parking violations to aid the town’s coffers? Don’t they realize that this will ultimately impact Lahaina’s shop owners?

Since I had already gotten ticketed, I sat in the car for a few minutes and warned other people who pulled in unknowingly of the unseen danger of the police predator, showing them my ticket.

I wonder how much money Lahaina is taking in a day on violations in just that one parking lot? Well, Lahaina will not see me again or my money!

Barbara Eigner, RN, BSN, MEd



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