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Power to the People

Alternative, green, sustainable solutions are available.

September 15, 2011
Jim Yaple · Kīhei
I was wondering if it wouldn’t be more sustainable to help our citizens put photovoltaic on our homes, with little voltage loss in transmission. They could make a payment plan like they did with the hot water systems, helping out with a pay-as-you-go plan. This would help the solar companies that are going belly up and make things much more sustainable for all the people who are struggling.

They say they can’t balance the grid. BS! Multiple technologies are available now to rectify those problems. If we allow more windmills, is it really worth seeing those eyesores on Haleakalä along with all the high-tension wires and towers. What a mess. Visitors come here to see unobstructed views.

I still can’t understand why the other wind farm has never been maxed out to guarantee its success first. Putting in another wind farm at this point is not an act of sustainability for the people.

I would like to know how much energy loss is in voltage drop across our current grid, being that it’s averaged in. I’m sure you would see we pay more in generation from this loss than energy consumed.

Alternative, green, sustainable solutions are available.

I suggest we implement a new directive for rental car companies and stop the huge influx of gas cars from the rental sector. They should replace the gas cars with electric cars, which would introduce them more quickly to the island by making them available to the public as used cars.

Beacon is a company that makes a flywheel that charges and discharges to balance the grid at a much more efficient rate than batteries. It has several government projects already in place across the U.S.

Let’s make the people more sustainable, not the power company!

Thanks for your consideration of some of the alternatives that can make us more sustainable—not indentured to big companies that could care less about our beautiful island and only want to exploit it and us.

I haven’t heard how much this new wind farm is supposed to save us on our electric bills once it’s in effect. Does anyone know that figure? These are the types of answers we should know before proceeding.

Remember, the little people are the ones who make this all work and voted you in to help us, not to help the big companies that are sucking us dry from higher utility bills going deeper into our pockets.

Think solar—much more energy-efficient cheap energy.

We all could also be making money, instead of just paying it out if you would help pass some laws that help us sell our leftover energy instead of just running the meter to a credit.

Please try to have vision and not just look at the short term.


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