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Christmas spirit vs. Scrooge politics

September 22, 2011
Maui Weekly

Instead of left and right wings, or liberal and conservative, why not try using “Scrooge” and “Christmas Spirit” parties?

Astonishing as it seems, the Republican Party was established by a coalition of anti-slavery and workers’ rights activists, then elected Abraham Lincoln. The Christmas Spirit definitely predominated in the party. Today? Well…

When Warren Buffet was accused of “class warfare” for saying rich people like himself should pay more taxes, because they’re getting richer while so many others have so little, that’s Scrooge at work.

Another president was called a “traitor to his class” for using public money during the Great Depression to create jobs and provide social security for those needing help; that is, for practicing Christmas Spirit policies.

In today’s unhinged politics, a candidate showing any sign of Christmas Spirit thinking is enough to infuriate Scrooge-created media thugs and their whipped up fans into verbal stoning mode.

Even the president, elected on hope and change and Christmas longings, seems afraid to resist Scrooge demands.

Ordinary American people can rightfully demand Christmas Spirit inspired government—hopefully soon, before Scrooge wrecks democracy beyond repair.

Americans could end corrupt wars, and insist the superrich pay in proportion to the wealth they daily squeeze out of us and our injured environment.

Demand a return to the 1950’s level of taxing the rich, when Scrooge was restrained from privatizing and largely monopolizing essential services.

Daniel Grantham



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