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Maui Humane Society should take responsibility

October 13, 2011
The Maui Weekly

Regarding the Maui Humane Society's (MHS) "Paws & Reflect" advertisement (Oct. 6-12): While accepting over $1 million per year under contract with the county, MHS refuses to accept any responsibility or accountability. When you are paid for a job, which MHS is, you are responsible. Hiding behind MHS employees is shameful, as the criticism I hear is directed at those running the organization-the board of directors, which closes their meetings to the public, and the CEO, who they hire to run the operation.

They make the decisions that employees must follow or face termination.

MHS has a long-term lease from the county at cost of $1 per year for the facility in Pu'unene. They exclusively use vehicles that are provided and maintained by the county.

Mention is made of employees willing to take furloughs when the contract paid less money than the prior year, rather than reduce hours.

Was the CEO willing to take a reduced salary rather than eliminating animal control officers on call? Leaving night and weekends for the police department to cover for MHS is not acceptable, as they are not equipped for this function.

Mike Moran - Kihei



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