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Where are human concerns represented?

October 20, 2011
Daniel Grantham - Ha‘iku , The Maui Weekly

Condemning differing views as "junk science" ignores important questions. Engineering calculates how much money and energy is required to approach a funder's desired result. Science asks how a system works. Great science asks how all systems work together.

Profit-directed engineering has allowed us to deface nature, and make plans to essentially commit suicide by disrupting nature, while denying real science. Politicians attack environmental protection for costing their supporters money. Our future with nuclear waste has already been compromised. We are all guinea pigs for modern chemicals.

There is no question that climate change is happening at an accelerating rate. The great ice fields that covered the polar regions are disappearing at an incredible geological pace, as are the life-giving mountain glaciers that have sustained water supplies throughout the world for billions of people.

Activated genetic material transfers from unlabeled "food" to the bacteria in our digestive tract, and rat studies show transfer from bacteria to intestinal cells. Monsanto's billions will not do anyone any good when nature no longer works the way it once did to sustain us.

Meanwhile, the hundreds of millions-no, the billions of dollars-that go into politics ensure that money and corporate commerce stay in control.

To discover where human concerns are represented, look to Occupy Wall Street assemblies. No need to travel, they are coming to a location near you. They are far different from corporate media tools using fear and ignorance, materialism and lust to keep a dark empire in power.

Daniel Grantham Ha'iku



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