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Oh, deer?

November 3, 2011
The Maui Weekly

Regarding the Oct. 2026 article "Creatures Great and Small Threaten Maui's Ecology," I believe some clarity is needed around the word "invasive species." Let's put things into perspective:

first, we sculpt out a golf course from the 'aina, undoubtedly destroying untold natural habitats in the process. Then for years to come, we take our most precious water, vital to all life on the island and we spray it over acres and acres of grass with most of the water evaporating before it hits the ground. On and on we throw our water into the air, all in the name of... playing a game, basically.

And when groups of hungry deer wander over to graze on this precious "game grass," the deer are called "invasive species?"

Hey, if you want to shoot some deer to save the golf course, go right ahead. But don't call it "deep ecology." Don't insult our intelligence and call it protection from "invasive species" as if it's going to save the island (from those dreadful, nasty deer!).

Call it what it is: "asset protection." You can rest assured that's what they call it at the golf course. "Killing Mother Earth to maximize profits" is what it is in actuality.

Same as it ever was. Same story, new pitch.



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