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A cure called “elections”

November 10, 2011
The Maui Weekly

The Legislature's Democratic majority won't raise "taxes," they'll nickel-and-dime us to bankruptcy on "fees and charges," carefully orchestrated from our beloved (?) governor's "wish list."

The first salvo is the vehicle registration charges nearly doubling. Not likely those fees will reach the state Department of Transportation (DOT)-unless they are for O'ahu. A majority rejected an amendment requiring funds be dedicated to DOT. So it's still a conveniently raided slush fund, (done many times before) to cover their other financial screw-ups-which is why DOT shortages exist now.

Oh, and you haven't heard anything yet! Just wait until the can-recycling fees quadruple, and they tax ice cream and whatever else our "benevolent governor and his majority toadies decide isn't good for us, no matter which homegrown industries get screwed, along with the average taxpayer.

Here's how it's done. On first reading, conscientious legislators attend and ask questions, while the majority lolls and monitors by video (so they're not embarrassed by appearing to really care) until voting's required. Then they obediently troop in to vote whatever the party line dictates (good word).

Aren't all you Democrats out there on minimum income so proud of how your legislators are sticking it to the common people?

There's a cure called "elections."

Hugh Brenner Kihei



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