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No recourse for excessive noise?

December 1, 2011
The Maui Weekly

I find it interesting that I can enter a complaint about barking dogs that keep me up at night, or disturb an otherwise peaceful day, but a herd of motorcycles can circle Lahaina over and over on Sundays?

My pastor very patiently stops his sermon until they pass by. We run to pat the baby's po po and hope he goes back to sleep. People stop their conversations and wait... and wait some more. Tutu gives up on her afternoon nap, and overworked night nurses can't get their eight before going back to work again.

A caravan of huge pickups can cruise down Front Street from one end to the other raising hell and annoying everyone. A car with "music" so loud I hear it coming for two minutes before it rattles my plates, and two minutes after. And the scooters with the cores out of the mufflers so they are louder? Doesn't make them more impressive; doesn't make you more cool. So what is the point?

"Nothing we can do," I'm told.

I bet if one kid was cited for $500-like the owners of barking dogs can be-the word would get out, and it would stop.

Law or not, enforcement or not, it's inconsiderate for so few to annoy so many. It just ain't pono, folks. People get away with what they are allowed to get away with. And since our lawmakers and law enforcers don't see the importance of peace and quiet on health and eardrums (and Sunday services), it will most likely continue to get worse.

I had an officer tell me once, "We have to warn them three times before we can cite them." OKAY-so do it! His implication was that it was therefore impossible. Same kids, small town-you only have to get a few, and isn't that your job?

If you agree, how about you just pop your Senator or Police Department. One voice cannot be heard with all the racket around here all the time.

Butch Fowler Lahaina



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