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Aloha in Action

The heart of Maui is big.

December 8, 2011
Cindy Schumacher - Contributing Writer , The Maui Weekly

Not long ago, while I was out driving, my car jammed and instantly stopped moving. Just at that moment, I couldn't engage any of the gears and found myself stuck in the middle of the road. It was a frightening experience. I couldn't stop thinking about the disaster that could have occurred if other cars had been following close behind me. How lucky there were none!

Thankfully, within minutes, a group of gracious Mauians banded together to help move the car from the road. "Get in and I'll push you," said a petite teenage girl. Seeing how small she was I wondered, "Who will push you!" Seconds later, others came by, and before long, I was surrounded by several folks trying to help move the car that refused to budge.

Still panicked by what could have happened if I had been on the highway, I was nevertheless moved by the "aloha in action" that was being shown by so many individuals. They all, no doubt, had places to go and other things to do.

By a stroke of luck, someone was finally able to engage one gear and I was able to get the car to a gas station. While the problem turned out to be the dreaded and costly "T" word-transmission-all I could think about then was the array of bystanders and their persistent "aloha in action."

Aloha, a beloved expression of Hawai'i, means much more than just hello or goodbye. It is a tender way of helping and handling each other that plays a very important role in our daily lives.

Aloha in action is immediately apparent to the senses of sight and relationship by which we know beauty and harmony in our everyday dealings. The kindness we share every moment of the day makes us all emissaries of aloha.

The heart of Maui is big. Throughout my years of writing for the Maui Weekly, I have been privileged to report about residents doing extraordinary things. Aloha is alive and well and working through our many service organizations as well as in the daily encounters that we have with each other.

In quiet moments of reflection, I am aware of how amazingly often the help we offer to someone comes back to us in some form.

Recently being on the receiving end of so much assistance and kindness, I was reminded of how essential it is to "Live Aloha."



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