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Occupy Maui Should Adhere to Nonviolence

Occupy Wall Street organizers and participants intend for the violent acts to escalate.

February 23, 2012
Rhonda Glass · Kahului , The Maui Weekly

In the Jan. 5-11 edition of the Maui Weekly, the front-page article features Occupy Wall Street (OWS) supporters here on Maui. In light of recent events in Oakland, Calif., I have to wonder if Foster Ampong, Netra Halperin and their buddies still think they are involved in a good thing. It was appalling to read about "occupiers" storming a public building and setting fire to an American flag in the lobby, and seeing "Stab a Cop" graffiti spray painted all over the planters outside that building.

The article mentioned police "viciously attacking" OWS participants in the middle of the night. I sincerely doubt that any such "attacks" were unprovoked, given that there have now been over 6,000 arrests made at various OWS events across the country--including for rapes and thefts. Much property has been damaged or destroyed, and the rights of other citizens have been repeatedly violated. Shutting down operations at California harbors that bring much-needed supplies to our shores is nothing short of domestic terrorism.

Shall I also mention the millions of tax dollars being wasted as a result of these events (additional police security, cleanup of public spaces, etc.)?

From the looks of things, organizers and participants intend for the violent acts to escalate in the weeks and months to come.

In stark contrast to all of this, the TEA Party movement has a sterling record of non-violent activity. Wherever rallies have been held, the place is left cleaner than it was when the patriots arrived, and police officers often comment on how orderly and well-behaved our groups are.

Yet, mainstream media and left-wing politicians have constantly demonized and mischaracterized our movement. They even single out certain members for unfair scrutiny of their businesses and their personal lives in an effort to intimidate them into silence.

We seek a return to constitutional government. We strive to educate ourselves and our communities about the founding principles that made this nation so great. And, though the OWS crowd would never admit it, participants in both organizations have surprisingly much in common.

Perhaps the Maui OWS people would do well to associate themselves with organizations that are not so blatantly violent and anti-American.

The issues they seem to be concerned with here would be more in line with environmental groups--which are in abundance on this island already. The TEA Party would welcome them as well.



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