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Choose love, not hate

February 23, 2012
The Maui Weekly

To all those who oppose same-sex marriage on the basis of Christianity, I will simply refer you to "Same-sex marriages not in obedience," a letter in last week's Maui Weekly. The writer quoted Romans 12:18 " live at peace with everyone." I must say that I don't feel that you are being particularly peaceful to your neighbors when you suggest that same-sex marriage is sinful.

Same-sex marriage is not sinful. When you write things like this, and when the Maui Weekly chooses to voice your opinions--perhaps in the name of free speech--you are being totally hateful. I believe there is something in the Bible about choosing love over hate.

As such, we need more voices that stand out against hate, bigotry and ignorance in our community. While there has been growing attention in the media to same-sex unions, there has also been a growing awareness around the country, and here in Hawai'i, of young people facing terrible bullying over their sexual orientation, leading to a high percentage of LGBTQ teen suicides and attempts.

The bullying described by much of the news is blamed on the schools. However, letters like yours are also a form of bullying. And we as a community should not stand for it. I, for one, will not stand for it.

Same-sex marriage is a demonstration of love. We could all learn to love a little more.

Rebecca Kushins Kihei



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