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Zero to Hero Conversion Rates

February 23, 2012
Dr. Robert M. Santry · Master Coach, Consultant, Trainer , The Maui Weekly

When you read and hear the word "conversion," many things may come to mind. For example, conversion is a financial term, as in conversion rates. Conversion also serves as a useful tool to measure how we go from zero to hero.

Let's look at a business example. If we are in business, we seek to convert our products and services into paying customers and keep them coming back for more. A conversion rate is an important matrix for the success of a marketing program.

Write this down and keep it close to you: "RESULTS ARE EVERYTHING."

Become an expert in converting intent. You start with a vision (where you want to go). You create a plan (how you will get there). Now its time to convert a problem into a solution. That's what the customer wants and needs.

Our clients seek us out because we are converters. We offer something unique, different and unforgettable.

Convert fat into muscle. Convert despair into hope. Convert luck into opportunities that appear in our lives. Convert debt into wealth. Convert recession-itis into a new business opportunity. Find solutions to people's problems, and you will be handsomely rewarded.

What is your game plan? Include "speed" in your plan. Speed is the driver of conversion. For example, who answers the phone quickly and respectfully? Who delivers the package to you on or ahead of time? Who responds promptly to your email requests? Who shows up on time to pick you up for the shuttle to the airport?

People either compress or expand time in service or product actions. Successful conversion rates require you to act quickly. Exercise decisiveness. Execute now.

Today is your day to go from zero to hero. It's time to focus on conversion rates.


Dr. Robert M. Santry, a life coach, career coach and coach mentor. He is the CEO and Master Coach, Consultant and Trainer at Life & Success Adventures. His professional pedigree includes doctorates in medicine, theology and psychology. Contact him at



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